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And Then Some

I've actually been keeping fairly busy lately. That's right, the content that's found in these entries may actually occur!

Well, I'll stop with the sarcasm, but things are going great, and I'm doing good as well. With my last post being so negative (unable to attend EPT MC), I've been taking advantage of the positive attributes of the situation. Basically, I've been keeping busy.

On Friday, on a complete whim, I decided to the nightly tournaments. As far as online tournaments go, Thursdays and Fridays are a double edged sword. The fields are generally softer and smaller, but that's because there aren't any large buy-in tournaments on either of those days. I did manage to final table the Stars Nightly Hundred Grand ($150+12 buyin), but busted out disappointingly in 7th for around $4k.

The Sunday tournaments were beyond frustrating. It was the quarterly $1k Million, which was one of the biggest online tournaments of all time - 1st was $366k. I don't believe I ever had more chips than my starting stack (10k). Just nothing went my way. Then, in 2 or 3 tournaments with prize pools > 75k I lost either a coin-flip, or as a 70/30 favorite, for a top stack with 3-4 tables left.

So, pretty standard weekend poker-wise.

Things around the apartment are going well. I gave Ray my old desk, and rearranged my bedroom. I setup my "old" 37in LCD HDTV in my room.

I guess it's been 2 months since I started living here, and things are finally shaping up to how I pictured them when I first moved in.

That's all there is to share here for now,

-Adam Junglen


This really sucks, but I'm going to have to cancel the trip to Monte Carlo.

Sorry on the false report. I arranged a Dollar to Euro transfer and even could've roomed with Watts again. Unfortunately, for a couple of reasons I'm not going to be going (no, not busto). I couldn't find any reasonable flights (I found one with 2 stops both ways with a very long layover for 3k, lol), combined with the fact that I always hear about flight delays when going to France, and experienced one myself last year, landing 4 hours before playing the $15k USD event. I just decided to skip it.

Considering I haven't played a live major in awhile, I almost feel obligated to just deal with it and go - but I've got some work around here to keep me busy.

PokerVT is finally going to be launching next month, as you can guess I'm extremely excited about that. Daniel was recently on the 2+2 Pokercast - which is starting to grow on me. Anyways, he gave a good interview and answers a handful of questions I've received regarding PokerVT. Check it out.

Plus, I'll attempt to piece together my first Bluff Magazine article. I already have a couple of ideas, but if you'd like to comment on any ideas you may have, I'll take them into consideration. Again, I'm just brainstorming. Not in any rush to beat the deadline, but if something comes to me, then I'll let you guys know when you'll be able to check it out.

I guess that's about everything from here for now.

Yea, I Gotta Go

Next month is the EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo.

Last year Gavin Griffin took down the title and over $2.2 million. Aside from WSOPE, I believe this is the most prestigious tournament in Europe. I suspect the prize pool is going to increase a fair bit this year too, with poker growing in Europe, and Pokerstars running plenty of satellites.

Despite still enjoying my time around home, I just can’t miss this tournament. Aside from the €10,000 buy-in main event, they have several smaller prelim’s as well. It’s been awhile since I’ve played a live major and I’m getting the itch to put up some good results. I’ll be staying at the same hotel as last year (which was beautiful, the Monte Carlo Bay) with Michael (Sir)Watts.

It’s always kind of hectic planning these trips. Especially dealing with international travel. I might try to stop by some nearby destinations in Europe before I get into the poker mindset and land in Monaco on April 11th.

-Adam Junglen

Bluff Magazine

The other day I spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of Bluff Magazine, Mr. Matthew Parvis.

We discussed the possibility of having me write for Bluff. After discussing some personal terms I had, I'm happy to say I've managed to leverage my general reputation, as well as raw writing talent showcased in my blog, and put myself in a position to write for one of the biggest poker magazine's out there.

Similar to my approach in MTT's, I'll only be writing when I really feel like, so nothing will be forced. I find the result of this approach seems to equal low quantity, but very high quality - which I think the reader will appreciate more anyways. I already have my first article in mind, but expect everything from trip reports to strategy articles, and everything in between.


Next up on the schedule is EPT Monte Carlo. I'm not 100% certain if I'll be going, but we'll see. It's one of the last European majors until I'm 21 (WSOPE too), but I've got a lot to do around home, and just aren't sure if I want to make the trip there. We'll see though, I gotta make up my mind fairly soon as it's from the 12th-17th of April.

That's just about it for now. Thanks to everyone who keeps up and reads my blog, as you've clearly had an impact in getting me the opportunity to write for Bluff.

I appreciate it,

-Adam Junglen

What's New?

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. To be honest, there hasn’t been anything terribly exciting going on.

I really don’t like talking about insignificant results, but on Sunday I managed to make 2 small/medium sized final tables. Before Sunday it’d been about a week since I played, or even thought about poker deeply. Sometimes taking a mental break and really thinking about things is worth a lot more to me than playing the nightly MTT’s.

The two tournaments were the FTP $50 1r/1a, and the Cake 30k. I took 5th in the FTP tournament for around 2k, and 3rd in the Cake tourney for $3.6k. It felt good to play again, and making two FT’s certainly didn’t hurt that feeling.


Besides that, I’ve just been slowly getting stuff around my apartment finished. The day I landed back in Cleveland (a week ago now), was right before a huge snow storm hit Cleveland. Ray’s flight back here was delayed a day, as they completely closed down Cleveland Airport for a night. Although it’s clearing up a little more everyday, we were hit with around 20in of snow. That was a nice sight to come back home to.

Guess that’s it for now.


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