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Time Flies

A_Junglen Well, there was no repeat TV appearance for me. I busted in the 3rd level of the HPT $1.5k with Kings against my opponents turned set of 8s. It was a spot I'd go broke in if I found myself there again, so no prob. Congratulations to Danny "KingDan" Smith on winning it for about $100k.

Now, I'm not going to say that this is going to be my last TS trip. However, it's certainly possible it'll be my last time here in awhile. I've got to fly to Vegas and work on PokerVT next month, so I won't be able to attend the July series. August is up in the air, it'll depend on who else is going and how I'm feeling. I honestly can't stand to live at TS for more than 4-5 days though, and the August series was about 10 days last year. Not to mention EPT Barcelona is right around the corner in September. The HPT they announced they were holding a $5k event at Turning Stone on October 18th, my 21st birthday. Which of course is when Bellagio is holding their Fiesta Al Lago series.

When I was in the tournament room this year I noticed many younger faces who I hadn't seen before. There were many players who I felt like I should know, who knew me, and would have entire conversations with me. But at the end, I still would have no idea who I'd just talked to. I still ended up meeting a few cool new friends, and of course had a great time with the old crew of regulars.

The first time I ever came to TS was in 2005. I was a senior in HS and drove up with my friend Bob during Thanksgiving break. It'd be the first of many trips. I'm very fortunate to have had TS (being 18+) as a place to practice and gain experience. Thanks to the TD's and staff in the poker room for always making me feel welcome and hooking me up with a room at the last minute. No thanks to the housekeeping douchebags who kicked Ray out last August, lol.

Guess that's all. I plan on driving home tomorrow with Adam




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