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Hey Everyone

Hey guys,

sorry its been so long since my last post. I thought i'd
drop a line to everyone to let you know whats up. Here lately
i thought i'd take a break from poker. Todays actually the first
day in a while that i've actually played a few hands.
The reason for my break is that i've been trying to just reestablish myself.
i've been kinda reading here and there just taking a break from my game.
someone posted a blog, "if you dont have the passion, you're not going to shine". here lately, i havent realy had that "passion" for the game to sit
and have the patients to play. I notice i'll play a 5000+ tournament and i'll end up in the top 100. (in an hour or two) and i'll just feel bored with
waiting. i know this game is about patients. and lately my mind isnt on
the game. i hope all is well with everybody. anyways. take it easy guys

09/1000 tourny

the tournament kicked off last night at 7:00. my starting table i started off with 3000 chips. within the first few hands i had knocked out 3 people. my chips where up to 12000. i was rollin with trips and full houses for the first several hands. the guy to my left i didnt recognize people might know him as ruark. he placed 2nd in the all army poker tournament last year. which he had every idea/concept of poker. i was impressed. however, i took him out with a bad beat. which he couldnt help. but i guess thats just poker. later on that evening i was at the final table playing against marcus. who won the all army poker tournament this yr. he had every out every time it seemed like. flush, straight, you name it. i couldnt win. the blinds were rising and rising and my hands were getting flatter and flatter. buffetology didnt even work as he would read me even when i was in position. he'd take the lead out of position. everything just took a 180.. however. after all of this. marcus finally knocked me out on this. and in conclussion my final hand that took me out.

Hero: in SB. Q Js
fold all around table
button calls bb
flop: K J 9
BB checks
button checks
hero: bets 10k
BB: Folds
button: calls

Turn: 7
BUTTON: checks
hero: bets 15k
button calls

River: A
button: all in
hero: calls

button shows A 9

im out at placed 9th.

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