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Heatin' Up

AHMWM Wow.....I've possibly been running as hot as ever. I have made a few good plays here and there. Thing is, I've managed to pull a 1-outer, catch AA 7+ times, hit a backdoor royal flush, and flop top set countless times in the past two days. This is the first time in recent memory my cards haven't seemed to be arctic. I have taken only a couple rough beats but with the hands I've been catching I can't complain. Since the 30th of September I am up 5 Buy-ins over only 1200 hands. That plays out to about 20 ptBB/100 hands. Ship It. Rakeback should be coming in the next couple days and will bump me up another few buy-ins. I've gotta stay focused, NL25 could be in my future before the end of the year.

On another note, I signed up for an account on Carbon Poker. I've played the freerolls just trying to get a feel for the site. I really like the program overall. Only problem is that PokerTracker doesn't support it. Big problem if I wanna multi-table cash games. Well I'm looking for some sites to expand to. Tough here in America though... Any suggestions just post them as comments... Bodog? UB? Red Nines? Cake? Anything else?

Well here's the sick hand history from my backdoor royal. Really a bad call by me but with the short stack he could have anything and I may have more outs than I think (Yes, I know I'm a donk).

Backdoor Royal (LOL!)

Well I really hope this winning trend keeps up... Well I'm off to a Carbon freeroll...Have a good one guys....


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