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Damned FTOPS

BadgerPro Because the FTOPs was a 6max event tonight I figured I'd spend one more day playing tournaments and look to hit a nice score. Once again it was a big mistake. I've been crushing my cash games lately and I don't know why I keep going back to the tournament scene.

Played most of the big nightly tournaments on both Stars and Tilt. Busted the FTOPs with set under set, the $320 on Stars with KK < AA, and the only tournament I got deep in, a $109 on Stars, I lost AA < 33. I'll give tournaments one more try next week Wednesday when they have the NL 6max $320 with rebuys FTOPs event.

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon to head up north bow hunting and probably won't be back until Wednesday. Then next weekend is gun hunting so I won't be playing much from the 16th - 24th. I may get some cash game play in but it will depend on whether or not I can get service on my at&t wireless card while I'm up north.

I'll probably get a few updates up but I won't be having any regular blogs up until after Thanksgiving. If I get a big buck hunting maybe I'll try doing a voice recorded update.

Thanks for all the comments on the last blog. I know it's variance and if I keep plugging away I'll hit a nice score and the results will come. Just a matter of it really frustrating me right now. I'm sure I'll hit a tourney heater soon enough... January in the Bahamas would be a good time to start one.


lakeoffire says

Happy hunting! A big eight pointer would be nice.


EdmondDantes says

Looking forward to the voice update with tips on field dressing made easy!


Jason (Anonymous) says

Enjoy. The break will probably be just what the doctor ordered.


harlem says

Hunting wil get your mind of this stuff. January in the Bahamas sounds like a winner!!


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