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Badgers Are Not Good Bloggers

BadgerPro Just a quick one again. Turned 26 on Wednesday and had a great day up until I got home and realized I had lost my keys somewhere while out at the bars. So had to deal with that hassle all Thursday but at least it kept my mind off that horrible holiday that follows my birthday.

I got a belated birthday present today though when I took 2nd in a Stars $50 freezeout that had almost 900 runners. First place was just over $11k and for second place I got $6.3k. I was also up a few buy-ins at cash games today so it was great day.

I'm going to be out of town on Saturday but I'm hoping to be back on Sunday in time to play the Stars $2 Million Tourney, the FTOPS main event, and the Stars Million. I'll put a blog up with more details on tonight's tourney and recap whatever happens on Sunday. I'm still trying to get the hand of this blogging thing.


lakeoffire says

Happy birthday Badger


EdmondDantes says

I played a dude in LA that looked almost exactly like your avatar. I'm sitting thinking "How do I know this guy?" and then it dawned on me. Of course, when I said "Badger?", he looked at me like I was an idiot. Fun times.


Mr_Taterhead says

Happy Bday.


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