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Anonymous says

Good luck to you Bond.

I'm a long-time 2p2er, and regularly read your blog. You've given quite a bit to the online poker community, and I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we're pulling for your success at the Crown.


Hagbard Celine


EdmondDantes says

Crush that series and the final event! Then bring the trophy to LA so I can see it in person!


lakeoffire says

Good luck with wiping it out. How did you end up in Shanghai? Happy New year.


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All I Want For Christmas and or New Years

Bond18 It’s a bit late for Christmas wishes but there’s something on my list that can only be got in January, a win in the upcoming Aussie Millions. I’m not talking about just the main event, I’m not quite that greedy, but a win in any event would really start 2008 off on a great note.

Despite everyone in poker thinking the WSOP is the most important series of tournaments of the year (and financially, it is) the most important for me on personal level is by far the Aussie Millions. I’ve got a long history with the series that goes a little something like this:

2005: I won an Aussie Millions package on party poker at the age of 20. It was my first time outside North America and I was automatically entered in the World Speed Poker Championship and main event. The speed poker tournament was run in a semi-shootout structure where at 36 players we broke to six tables of six where the winner advances. I got heads up in my semi final with Sweedish player Michael Thuritz who gave me a sick 15% swap deal (especially since he had chip lead and was much better player) and it was over in two hands. Michael went on to win and promptly hand me $15,000 AUD. In the main event I busted after about four hours and headed home thinking I had the brightest future in the world.

2006: After having a good summer 2005 I suddenly had a huge downswing in the latter part of the year. By the time Aussie Millions came around I had to mooch a stake off friends, and eventually entered my long term backing arrangement with Rob, which having recently been dissolved turned out very well for all parties involved. In the second event I played, a $1000 AUD NL tournament, I managed to make the final table and get half the chips in play with four left. I already covered what happened in my bad beats post sometime ago (I took four straight suck outs AIPF including KK<KQs) and ended up busting fourth, but I’d bailed myself out financially with the $19,200 cash. I didn’t end up playing the main event, as I didn’t have the money and my backing with Rob wasn’t for anything of that magnitude.

2007: I was hiding out in an apartment in Shanghai without internet due to an earthquake having been banned from Australia for three years. Great times.

2008: I can’t lose at live forever can I? Everyone’s coming down and it’s going to be a really awesome social time as well as having a fairly diverse tournament schedule, some of which has had a structure improvement thanks to my complaining.

Anyway, I haven’t been writing much lately. After Sydney I got home and my schedule was pretty messed up for a while, and I was playing very inconsistently and not well. After a week of this I told myself I needed to refocus and have since final tabled a number of tournaments with a few wins including taking down the Full Tilt 50/50 for $9550 the other night.

I did my math with Timex recently and it turns out I am now over $108,000 in make up. I feel like my live play has really gotten a lot better lately with considerably less spew so I think if I put in some volume I’ll be able to turn that around. I haven’t been playing much of the big stuff online for him since I’m often not up in time and on days I don’t sleep great I’ll never play the big tournaments. Still, as far as I know Timex is not unhappy with backing me and I think at this point whatever experience in the live arena he’s ‘paid for’ should get a good return over the long run. I’m very happy playing under Timex since he basically lets me play whatever I want (outside something insane like the $100,000 tournament during the Aussie Millions etc etc) and doesn’t apply any serious pressure to play things I’m not in the mood for. The 40% on my end is entirely reasonable, and since I just enjoy having the chance to play events all over the world I’m really not that bothered by the make up or anything like that. The Aussie Millions starts in three days, perhaps I can wipe it out all at once…

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