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Around the World in 90 Days: Day 46 - 50

Bond18 Day 46

By far, the least enjoyable tournaments during the WSOP are the $1,500 No-Limit Hold 'em ones, of which there are an infinite amount. If the word donkament was created to describe a single type of tournament, these are the ones. The fields are enormous and the Rio is crammed with people that, during the break, make the hallways so packed you can barely move. The tournaments only start you with 60 BBs and if you don't increase that by the third level, you're sitting with just 15. Although it's encouraging to see so many new and bad players in the field, sitting there while they Hollywood with the nuts or legitimately think about folding with 90% of their stack in pre-flop does reach a point where incompetence becomes bothersome. Navigating another one of these tournaments is my task for the day, except this time I don't show up 90 minutes late. I'm early in fact.


Day 47

Waking up today is pure pain. I am over half way done in my poker trip, but this portion where I have something to play every day with no breaks in between is the toughest physically and mentally. I've fallen significantly behind in my writing as a result of having so many long and exhausting days at the Rio, and I think the quality has fallen off as well. In Europe I had time to sit and think things over and try to be clever, but with the WSOP it feels more mechanical, closer to reporting than creative writing. Still, at least I am cashing in things and not just wasting a ton of time then bubbling, and I feel like I'm still playing mostly well with occasional hilariously bad mistakes. Live and learn though.


Day 48

2PM restarts are heaven. My best guess for an average night’s sleep over the course of the WSOP is about seven hours, and being given an extra two the day before you try to make a deep run in a tournament is crucial. SuperflousMan, Gobboboy and Jcarver have also made day two, and they swing by a little before the event to give me a ride. I get to my seat 45 seconds before restart and scan the table; not many familiar faces.

On one of the first hands, it folds to a player in MP1 with 8 BBs. With the BB out of his chair, MP1 shoves and it folds to me in the SB. I call with As-9s and win a flip over his 4-4, moving my stack up to around 80,000.


Day 49

You’d think with the stress and anticipation of making a final table, I might have trouble sleeping. Instead, the exhaustion of playing so long for so many days straight puts me out like a light and I sleep like a baby. In the morning, Tom gives me a ride to the Rio and the traffic on the I-15 is quite bad, making me nervous about being late for the 2PM start. When we pull up to the back entrance of the Rio, I sprint out of the car toward the poker room even though Tom assured me they’ll start a final table late.


Day 50

I maintain my position that off days are for pussies, cowards and people who care about mental health but, unfortunately, the combination of there being no hold ‘em event at the WSOP and my own incompetence in mixed games has forced me to actually take one. I guess it’s probably a good idea anyway since I never get to see Celina and I am several days behind in my writing. I spend 13 hours at the Rio, get home around 1:30AM and need to be asleep by 2:45AM in order to get eight hours sleep, so I don’t really have time to fit in the writing.


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