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What’s the most you ever lost in a coin toss?

Bond18 Not quite as much as Anton Chigurh would prefer I bet, but losing a $12,000 flip still feels pretty terrible. I didn’t per say ‘lose’ $12,000, which of course would be much worse, but it seems similar.

I was heads up in the Bodog $250 satellite for a $12,000 World Series package (that you can option to take in cash) against a pretty bad player. The stacks sizes were my 44,500 to his 45,500 at 600/1200. I opened QQ on the button to 3200 and he shoved from the BB, elimating AA and KK from his range. Boo yah. He tables AhKh.
Flop: 3h 7s Th
I’m fucked.
Turn: As
River: Kc

On the plus side, actually managed to win two more tournaments yesterday. When I woke I fired up the computer and found Tilt having connection problems, so I decided to fill in my regular Tilt tournaments with something on absolute. I signed up for a $50 freeze out 10k guaranteed and went for my run. By the time I got back Tilt was operational but I’d missed my normaly $75 25k guarantee so I just played the Absolute one. I ended up winning it for a bit over $2800. Later that night I played the UB nightly $150 20k guarantee and ended winning that for $5400. Not a bad way to keep the hot steak going.

Later that night I had dinner with friends and had a home game. Mid way through the game I was down around $400 in a $100 buy in 1/2 game and went outside to smoke the remaining weed from the other 2+2’ers visit. Ten minutes later I was back inside high out of my mind and laughing at everything. Despite my disabled state I managed to win back over $750 as well as pull two of the most monstrous slowrolls (which are not only allowed but encouraged in my game) of my entire life. Now I just need to figure out a fun way to blow my $368 in profits.

Meanwhile I’m going to begun talking to Pokersites about sponsoring the ‘Around the World in 90 Days’ trip and trying to talk them into filming it. I talked to my editor over at and he brought up the problem which I imagine will be an issue everywhere, it’s pretty damn expensive to do something like that and there’s not a lot of way to regain the production costs. I imagine a more probable outcome of this (if anything comes of it with a pokersite) is that they perhaps sponsor it and get exclusive rights to the writing that comes out of it. I’m really not sure and I’m not expecting anything, but it’d be cool if someone wanted to do something more elaborate with it. Here’s hoping…


Mr_Taterhead says

Good Luck with the Sponsorship thingy from 'Stars.


Anonymous says

Why not try and find some aspiring documentary student?
Could probably work out some deal.


Anonymous says

Tough toss...


Anonymous says

lolol the slowrolls are encouraged thas funny


xxrod17xx says

i love that slowrolls are wanted in the game...tough toss, win some lose some.


Anonymous says

<3 NCFOM reference.


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