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Around the World in 90 Days with Full Tilt, Days 10-12


Anonymous says

s'up bond love your work, read your round the world trip report on full tilt all the time cant seem to leave a comment on it, wen u played the 10k euro event u came across Mark Teslchler and called him a leprechaun. that phrase is more or less associated wit the Irish, i myself am Irish and didn't really care for wen u called a Brit that. you prob didnt mean any disrespect to the Irish, don't get me wrong nobody hates ponzi Brits more then the Irish, if u wanna ever piss a Brit off call him a "tan bastard" always works, anyway peace out bro, looking forward too your next report and vid on savvy, ohh ya sis u ever manage to send savvy your UB vid wen u came back from 2 antes to win it, would love to c it, thak it easy,


abby says

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