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Aussie Millions prelude

Bond18 It's that time of year again. I look forward to the Aussie Millions more than any other tournament series. It's the perfect length, in the perfect city, during the perfect two weeks of summer. It's especially nice because I don't have to go anywhere to play in a major tournament besides a quick jaunt across the street, and the Australian Open tennis tournament is on just a 15 minute walk away.

Glancing over the schedule I see six or seven events I intend on playing, including the main. I kind of detest live poker these days so I'm not going in expecting much, but I've been working hard at getting up to speed by playing and studying online over the last few weeks, so at least I feel I'm going in sharp. I can't wait to see what hilarious tragedy awaits this year in the 1k rebuys! I've got my friends Mike Watson and Grant Levy staying in the apartment for the series, and I've recently talked Luckychewy into coming down for a visit (his first) so above all I intend this to be an ass load of fun.

I've set the date of the 3rd annual Drunken Kickball Classic on Saturday the 23rd at 3pm, we'll be meeting in front of the aquatic center in Albert park. It's the day of the 100k at the Crown so not too many guys that I know will be playing (except my roommate Jarred, who will likely win it considering what a fucking stud he is.) The plan for the day is to start there with a mix of kickball and dodge ball (must keep a beer in your hand at all times duh) and then walk over to the Belgian Beer Garden a few blocks away where we will continue to get trashed well into the evening. After that we'll probably go out somewhere, I'm not really sure since I'll be so drunk and high at the time I'm not going to presume I could actually plan it now. I'll definitely have people bring cameras so I can do a trip report for that day and I'm very confident it will result in some excellent photo moments.

Let's do this shit!


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