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Pretty solid week

So this week has been really solid for me. As of Friday I have final tabled 8 tournaments and am up about 12k this month. It was pretty frustrating yesterday when i got 2nd to a really bad player in the 20r on FTP, but it's great streak of FTs to keep alive. Anyway it's time to piss away the profits, playing the $500 FTOPS omaha right now, plus the $300 6max and the $100 rebuy FTOPS ontop of my normally full and pretty expensive schedule. However if i do put in an FT today it could be pretty huge

Good score yesterday

So yesterday i started playing at 2pm and played almost all the bigger tournies from then till 10pm. I played something like 22 tournies which is a really full schedule with alot of 6-8 tabling. Most the time this wasnt an issue however i went really deep in the $120 bounty tournament on FTP at 5PM. This left me in a really difficult spot when it's 5 handed at the FT and i have EIGHT OTHER tournies going on. I actually stacked up pretty big in the Stuper on stars without ever really noticing. Anyway i had a few close calls in other tournies and in the bounty tourney on FTP i got 2nd for ~$4800 after including the 4 bounties I had.

I sent an email to FTP asking for the HH and once I get it I will post a few interesting hands. Of what i can think of, i have 1 hand i made what I think based on my read was the best play but ended up with me making a pretty big suckout and then I have another hand with me getting sucked out on pretty bad shortly after for CL stack. However I'm mostly gonna post some hands from my bubble play that I want to focus on b/c my play on the bubble was really solid to the point of almost being flawless imo.

Anyway thanks for all the support I'm gonna be putting a big session in today and am really looking forward to another good score. Also I'm out of makeup WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Another nice score on UB

UB continues to love me as I played their new $150, 20k guarenteed last night at 9pm. The field had 127 entrants and im torn on how soft i want to say it was. There were definitely a number of fish who only play on UB and played very very poorly but there were also plenty of names i recognized in the field. Either way I was shortstacked for pretty much the entire tournament. One thing i like about UB is that you can really run over alot of players on the short stack and they will not call you when they should. I ended up chipping up nicly on the money bubble (20 players) and using that to maintain my stack on into the FT.

I had the annoyance of having mkind on my left who is a solid player and had the CL. However he kind of played strait forward vs me in that I would raise in LP on the bubble and he'd jam on me when i did which is my own fault cause i knew he would do that (and thus what i mean by strait forward). Either way I would enter the final table on an average stack with about 25bb. There were several people with 10bb or less and they would all quickly drop out. It got down to 5 handed pretty quick with myself in 4th. I ended up getting a nice double up when a player raised the button and i jammed A7dd from the BB. He tanked and called with KQo and I held up to win the hand and he was crippled and busted the next hand.

3 handed went for a little while until mkind busted the other guy winning a race with AQ > 88 for a 5-1 CL vs me HU. However i am proud to say i think i played very very well HU vs him and ended up grinding him up to a 2-1 chip disadvantage for myself before the final hand where he raised, i reraised pot with KQo and he jammed. I was pretty sure he had been looking for a spot to 4 bet jam on me and it didnt require a premium hand. I made the call and he had 22 and it was a race however he flopped a set and i ended up drawing pretty much dead.

So while not another victory it was a nice $3200 score and more UB money for team WaffleCrush

First WC sunday

So just played my first sunday under the wafflecrush banner and was looking to get off to a good start. Now obviously i know that it is a sunday and im bound to lose money most the time and often alot, still i wanted to just put out a good performance. I feel like I played probably some of the best poker i've played in awhile and the break i've had and talking to shaun deeb has also helped. I'm playing a stronger more aggressive game and am making fewer mistakes. This is shown by the fact that i built alot of big stacks in tournies. Sadly i only cashed 2 of the 15 or so tournies i played (the sunday mill being one of them however). I just busted in tons of them on the bubble to races or sick beats for often huge stacks. I was even CL in the mulligan for awhile but would eventually bust in a monster pot with QQ in the small blind vs AK of the button.

I did get disheartened by some of the beats and i still have some leaks that im working on noting and then talking to players about. I feel very strong about my early game and i feel like my end game (what i've gotten to see of it) is good however still a bit tight (which is probably partly due to not cashing much and looking to not screw up). I also think im playing great on the bubble which is often part of why im taking huge suckout beats on the bubble. That said that is the only part of my mid game that I'm currently very pleased with. I've had a number of tournies where i felt like i let myself bleed down way too much. I think this is a leak in my game for sure that im hoping to discuss with some players who i respect. Still I didnt do too horrible today (monday) with cashing a few tournies and while still a losing day it's not due to me playing poorly.

Going to go back to columbia tomorrow so I don't know if i will play tuesday night cause I might not sleep before leaving but otherwise I def will. Also thursday is my 22nd birthday so im looking forward to going out with some friends there for sure.

actually played some poker today

Played a half dozen or so tournies tonight as it's my first real night of no responsibilities. Started out decently well with me cashing the 1st 2 tournies despite building up a real big stack in one only to lose when guy raises AK in LP and real aggro guy on the button shoves. I know his range is huge and im well ahead so i over shove w/99. Original raiser as i said has AK, and the flop is clear but turn is a K and i lose a near CL pot.

Everything else basically involved me building up big stacks early and then blowing it late. Some was my fault some was coolers some suckouts. Had a few spots where i raised hands like ATo only for short stack to shove and im priced in to call and lose to QQ etc. Then plenty of the old AK < AQ and random race loses and i end the night with a moderate loss though nothing much. Just 1st time i finally get to play and i was really looking forward to it as i feel like my mind is in the right place thinking wise after some time off and when watching others play i've been finding myself able to easily think on multiple levels and at times this was happening today. I think once I get back to my apartment with my duel monitor setup etc, I will be able to really focus and I've already started working out a real high volume schedule which i'm planning on playing next month (around 150 tournies a week)

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