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I Need Some Targets....

EvertonYorkie I've recently lost my motivation to grind.

For example a day like today, I have nothing at all to do all day, I've been awake only 20 minutes and I'm bored already. I mean there are a number of things I could do, but all of those things are pointless and achieve nothing, so I don't think I'll bother. I might take a walk to Subway and hang out with some friends, but it's a Thursday, in my opinion the most boring day of the week, and I doubt they will want to do anything.

So why not grind? To be honest I can't be bothered, I've got no motivation what so ever to even open PokerStars. So I need some targets, but target setting is hard.

I don't like setting monetary targets, as all it would take would be an innevitable downswing to make meeting the target impossible, or a heater to make the target too easy, both of which take me back to step 1. I'm not going to set any volume targets until my new computer comes (more about that in a bit) because I've deleted anything that isn't essential from this one as I'm giving it to my dad, so I will have no way of tracking how many games/hands I have played. This results in making target setting very difficult for poker as I can't really think of any other aspects of the game in which I could create targets for.

Maybe all of this will change when I get my new computer, (it's pretty sick actually, custom made, super powerful, dual 24" screens, I'll post pics when it gets here) but I'm not counting on it, and of course that doesn't help me when I am bored right now.

So, what will today bring? I am still unsure, if anything exciting does happen I will prob blog about it.

Till next time



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