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Drove to Horseshoe SI, only for Donkella play in my place.

Well, it's been a very long time since I last posted a Blog, and I have to say, I'm not much for blogs, but I'm going to try to change that.

I drove down to play in the 2010 WSOPCE at the Horseshoe SI (which used to be Caesars Indiana), only to realize how much living in Colorado for 4 years, land of the Bingo Poker for 3 of them, really degraded my playing ability. As such, when I sat down to play, my evil twin sister, Donkella played instead of me (not a pretty sight).

With living in Colorado, where the max bet was a mere $5 a bet in the cash games, until July of 2009 (when they raised the max bet from $5 a bet, to $100 a bet), the players there pretty much had a good handle on 'bingo' poker there. No amount of betting, could get a player off their hand, and of course most times they'd 'bingo' at the river with their 1 outer.

I could never get any traction while I lived there, and I have discovered it did a great deal of damage living there, to my poker game. Worst of all, the nearest casinos that offered poker, was an hours drive each way from my home. I found once I started up there, while I was in the right mindset to play, by the time I arrived, the drive pretty much took it out of me.

Because poker there was only $5 a bet for most of my time there, the only place to play any real poker, was in the Tourneys. As a result, the players there are VERY good tourney players.

Well, in June of this year, I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana to accept a job here, to be closer to family. Even though they are still 170 miles away, I get to see my family which now includes a Grandson who just turned 18 months much more often then I did when I lived in Denver.

Well, the thing is, there isn't much in the way of poker here either. I really suck right now at poker, and all that is here is Charity poker, and even then, for the live games, all you can find is No Limit, which I don't dare play because of how rusty I now am at poker in general.

Okay, now to my trip report. So, you can't register over the phone for the Mega, so of course on Friday night I get in actually at 1 am on Sat morning.

I am a diamond player because I also play the slots, and as such, I get my room for 'free'. I say 'free' because ... well it turned out to be an expensive room. Normally I would wait and go over the next day, but I was concerned I wouldn't get a seat for the Mega Satty, so I head over to the casino so I can buy my way in.

I get caught up in playing the slots, and losing my shirt doing it. Even worse I stayed up later then I should and was wiped out when I sat down to play the satty, which was pushed back 2 hrs from when it was supposed to be played.

I started out playing solid, but within 10 minutes, my evil twin sister, Donkella escaped her cage, and locked me in that cage, as I was too tired to play my best anyway.

She got lucky a few times, but eventually the stupidity of it all, I busted out before the first break.

As to the property, it's in serious need of upgrading. They spent a ton of Money on the Buffet upgrading that, but the food was below average in many ways. The typical overcooked buffet type fare you seen in lesser casinos.

Legends however, while the service can be slow, has really great food. If you go to Horseshoe SI, I'd recommend you go there, unless your pressed for time.

As for the hotel, well ... the best thing I can say was that it was for me, FREE. Other then that, it's really run down IMO, a real dive.

The hotel hallway carpeting are stained, and on some floors, they smell of mildew. On the 5th floor where I stayed the weekend before (also for free), it reeked to high heaven.

You could smell it when you got off the elevator floor.

I've seen hotels in seedy areas of town in better shape than what this hotel currently is like. In the Harrah's chain, the ONLY hotel I've stayed in worse then this one, is the IP in Vegas.

This time around, there was rampent mildew in the bathtub, and as such, I avoided using it, and decided to take a sink bath instead (was afraid I'd catch something in it).

As for the series itself, I think they got a bigger tournout then they planned for, or they had more dealers call in sick or something.

As a result, many of the satty events would be pushed out 2 hours later or more at the last minute.

Also, at the last minute, the Main event (which I didn't get to play in) the structures were changed from what was published, to ones where they eliminated levels.

They also did this in the $125 satty event as well, where at the last minute, they skipped levels to make it go faster.

Overall, I think they have some kinks to work out, and next time I play ... hopefully I will be able to keep Ms. Donkella in her cage, and play a good game myself!

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