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Break? How long?

lakeoffire I took a 400$ hit to my roll. That may not be alarming to most, but in my world i dont like it a bit. For 2 days my money was in good but drawn out on everytime. Other times raise 5xbb with aces and some donkey calls with 47s and flops two pair, and various hands like that. My question is how long do you sit out? I sometimes take 2 days off and read or watch videos. Just wondering what your cool off period is or if you have one at all. I would like any input on the subject. Thanks,
Lake Of Fire


EdmondDantes says

Sucks, man, but that's the game. Just take a couple days off and forget about poker. When I start to look at AA v QJo matchups with dread because I KNOW he's gonna flop two pair, it's time for a break. Do yourself a favor, though--get away from the screen or the felt entirely--no reading, no videos. Then after a couple of days, come back, read a bit, watch some vids and then start smackin' 'em around again. Also, keep playing well within your bankroll; the swings won't seem so brutal.


Anonymous says

I agree with Edmond. Take at least 2-3 days off or better yet, just don't play again until you really 'want' to. That could be tomorrow, it could be next week or it could be next month. Also, you might try to move down in stakes a bit and play a different game. There was a time when I was taking bad beat after bad beat and I started playing Omaha H/L for a few weeks. It was a lot of fun and really helped get me back into it.

Good luck!


Swami54 says

Definitely take some time off but leave poker completely out of that books or videos about poker. Let your mind clear a little.


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