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Suite at the Laker Game, Limos, Bad Beat on a Crazy Prop Bet...

Commerce Casino
lakong David, out friend from the Commerce, sent me a text message informing me that he had 5 tickets to the Commere’s private suite at Staples Center. This would be the first game back for the Lakers from a their longest road trip in team history (and most successful). Plus it was Gasol’s first game at home for the Lakers so this was no ordinary game. David… you’re the man!

I invited a few of our Featured Bloggers. The Commerce was nice enough to send a limo to take the guys over to Staples. Sirwatts, Thayer, Vivek and their buddy and Adam’s roommate Ray (exitonly4) joined me.

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Sirwatts and Vivek

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Dave and Thayer grab some treats

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Exitonly4 enjoys watching the Lakers crush the Hawks

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Oh, did I mention that Norm MacDonald from SNL weekend update fame showed up? As many of you know, Norm has the poker bug and plays quite a bit. He was featured prominently during this year’s WSOP telecast. I believe he had the chip lead after day one of one of this year’s events.

A sick prop bet, and bad beat for lakong!

With about a little over a minute left in the first half the Lakers were leading 64-28 and it looked like the Lakers would easily double the Hawks’ score. Norm wanted to bet that they wouldn’t so I suggested we make a $20 prop bet on this. The Hawks could not make a basket and the lakers went up 69-28 with 53 second left.

Norm took out $20 and tried to hand it to me, but I wouldn’t take it. I didn’t want to jinx the bet. The Hawks hit a 3 with 42 seconds left to cut the lead to 69-31 and then Kobe makes it 71-31 with 31 seconds left so now it seems certain I will win until Richardson hits his second 3 point shot to make it 71-34 with 19 seconds left. The Lakers can now run out the clock, but Gasol gets fouled with 2.9 seconds left and makes only 1 shot. Everyone in the booth is now into this and we all realize that the foul might just cost me the bet.

The Hawks take it out under the Lakers’ basket, the guy throws it down to half court to Childress who takes a few dripples and throws up a three point shot. We have the perfect angle and it looks like it just might… maybe, who knows… oh, no… swish!!!

Final score at half time 73-37!!! We were all cracking up. It was hysterical. The best bet I ever lost.

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I’m not sure what the fingers are supposed to mean. Dave wanted me to make the loser sign, but Norm suggested something about us doubling our fingers. Not sure, but heck, I just follow orders!

Here’s the

score breakdown if you want to see this for yourselves.

We didn’t really watch much of the second half. Norm and his friend Lori Jo were great fun and we discussed poker, politics and all kinds of other subjects. Everyone had a great time and of course the Lakers went on to win. What more can you ask for? A perfect night all around.

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After the game the limo came to drive the guys back to the Commerce and Norm, Lorie Joe, David and me went to the Pacific Dining Car for a late dinner. Didn’t get home until 1:30-2am, but it was well worth it!


Mr_Taterhead says

Nice post.

Sounds like everyone had a good time.


Anonymous says

Looks like a blast...sorry I missed it. It must be good to be a tworagger.


Qnext (Anonymous) says

Great story., The essence of what betting in a luxury suite is all about.... for one of you.


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