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Hustler Monday Tournament Trip Report

Hustler Casino
lakong Played in the $125 plus one rebuy tournament last Monday. There were approximately 130 entrants and we started off with 1500 chips at the 25/25 level. I'll just report on a few significant hands:

1) Get AQ in mid-position and make it 100 after one limper. Both blinds call as does limper. Flop comes AT5 rainbow. I make it 350 and get check-raised all-in by BB. I played with him for a while in a cash game while I waited for this tournament and he seemed pretty solid and reasonable. In a non-rebuy event or perhaps in a bigger buy-in event I fold here in a minute -- especially given that there was no flush draw on the board that he could be semi-bluffing with. However, given that this is a rebuy event I called for two reasons a) there is a chance he could be making a move with AJ or even the same hand as me. If he had AK I'm pretty sure he raises preflop; and b) it's a rebuy event so I can just rebuy. I was pretty sure he had AT or A5 and sure enough he had AT and I had to rebuy. Not crazy about my call, oh, well...

2) Nothing much happens for a while and then at the 25/50 level I call a raise from lp with KQ. Three of us see a flop of AKT, so I have second pair and a gut shot. EP makes it 400 and one guy calls before its to me. There's about 1300-1400 in pot and neither of these guys seems that strong. I don't think the 2nd guy has a strong A or he would have raised. The first guy could have a strong A but he could also have a flush draw (2 spades on board) or a weaker A, he's also the initial raiser so he could be making a continuation/feeler bet with a pair. I have 1500 left and decide to push. The 1100 more is significant to both assuming they don't love their hands. Even if they have an A I still have potentially 10 outs. They both fold and I'm back to even with around 3000 chips.

3) I get QQ from LP at the 50/100 level and make it 350. Two callers. Flop comes with an A. Checked to me. I bet 800 and both fold. That worked out well.

4) Women goes all-in with only about 1000 left. Guy to my right calls. I look down at JJ and push (I have 4000 at this point). Caller folds and I'm heads up against T9 and my J's hold.

5) Here's a mistake: Blinds are 100/200 with 25 ante. I just won a nice pot and am counting my chips when a guy who is short pushes with about 1000. I have AJs from the button and just call. The BB calls. Flop comes QJx and it's checked to me. I make it 1600 and get check-raised all-in by BB. He has me covered and I fold. He had QJ and would have folded PF if I would have isolated the all-in raiser AND my hand would have held-up against the all-in raiser. That sucked, but that's what I get for not paying attention. Unfortunately, I'm usually good for 1 or 2 of these per tournament. Need to avoid these.

6) A little later with blinds at 200/400 and 50 ante there are 3 limpers and I push with A6. I'm down to about 4000 at this point. One guy calls me -- he has me covered and he turns over 55 which is the best I could hope for. I turn an A and double up.

7) For the next hour or so I move up to about 10k, but it's up and down to get there. I come over the top of a 2k pf raise with 99 and he folds (he told me he had 66 and did seem to seriously consider calling... to bad). A few times I try to bully guys off hands and get re-raised and have to fold.

8) We are down around 30 -- pays top 18 or so. I have about 10k in chips with the blinds at 300/600 and 75 ante so there is close to 1500 in pot each hand before betting. I'm about 3rd in chips at my table, but probably around average for all participants.

Folded to button (which is pretty rare at this table). Button makes it 2000. I'm in BB and have K9o. The button is good LAG player. He has shown the ability to fold a hand. Another consideration... when I had A6, he agonized and folded, but there was one caller who had 55 and I won the race. He clearly wasn't happy with his fold that time.

I put myself in the button's shoes. It was fairly rare that it would get folded to the button in this spot with the blinds and antes so large so there were very few hands that he would not raise with. He also wasn't the kind of player to limp from the button knowing that I would likely smell weakness and raise him off his hand. So therefore his range was close to any two cards -- any pair, any A, K, Q, and connectors, two gappers, etc.

I also didn't feel like he was reckless, so he was likely to fold a large % of the hands in his range. Perhaps as high as 70-80%. Do you think this is too high?

Last, even if he called, I would not be in terrible shape to most of these hands. The only hands I really don't want to see are 99-AA, AK-A9 and KQ-KT, and there's a good chance he doesn't call with the K hands given that I could easily have an A.

The pot represented a 3rd of my stack. I'm not sure how this could be a good fold, but I would love to hear thoughts. Anyway, I call he turns over A9 and I get to go home!


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