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Volatile NL Cash session at Hustler Casino -- Hand help welcome

lakong I haven't played any poker in a few months and was really missing it so decided to head over to the Hustler on Friday night. The session was extremely volatile. I played the $5/5 $300-500 NL game. I think I may of been a bit too aggressive, at least that was the opinion of most in the game. I received lots of 'I can't believe you called' type reactions. I would like your opinion of a few hands.

For the most part, things started off very standard. I wasn't dealt much, but the table was very passive for the first two hours I managed to double my stack without ever seeing a showdown. I played fairly tight, but would take down pots with well-timed bets when it was clear that people were not happy with their hands.

As the night progressed, better players sat down. Nobody was super aggressive. It was one of those tables with lots of limping, straddles, and most $20-30 preflop bets would get called by 2-3 people. Especially if there was one or two limpers before the PF bet.

Hand 1:I have JJ in LP. One limper in front of me, I make it $35 and the BB and limper come along. Flop T72 rainbow. Checked to me and I make it $100, original limper calls.

Turn 8. Checked to me and I make it $175. Limper check-raises all-in. I have about $300 left.

Hand 2: I have 9Ts on buttom. $10 straddle. Three limpers in front of me, I call, blinds call. Flop comes Js8c4s. EP makes it $100. I raise to $250 with straight and flush draws. SB goes all-in for $500. He takes a while to decide and makes it clear that he's on a draw -- so there is a good chance that my flush draw is no good. A second player, with about $600 left pushes. I have them both covered, so it's $350 to me. Your move?

Hand 3: $10 straddle, three limpers. I have QQ, I make it $100. Folds to first limper. He raises to $250. He has another $500 behind. I have him covered. He is an aggressive asian player. I have seen him call big raises with very average hands. Have seen one bluff caught. Have never seen him limp with a big hand. Your move?

Hand 4: Two limpers, button makes it $20, SB calls, I call from SB with Q8s. BB folds. Both limpers call. Flop comes AQ8 two hearts. First limper makes it $100. Folds to button who pushes his $700 stack. I have him covered. I tank for a while. The button is also very aggressive, but thoughtful. We have been sitting next to each other for two hours and I think I have a good feel for his game. He had just showed a big bluff a few hands before. He also won a huge multi-way all-in pot early on when he raised bit on the flop with TT, two people pushed and he called. He ended up sucking out on river and then justified to everyone his call based on odds. I didn't agree with him, but didn't say anything. I had also stacked him about 30 minutes earlier with two pair to his TPTK.

This is a huge overbet and I don't see him doing anything like this with AQ or trips. A hand like AK with two hearts seems most likely to me. I even showed him my hand since he was all-in to get a read. I received static from the first $100 raiser since he was still in the hand. I probably shouldn't have done that but I was trying to get a read and felt it would help. In fact, I did sense that he was very uncomfortable when he saw my hand. I also felt that the first raiser was not going to play this hand based on a few things he said while he waiting for me. The problem here is even if my read is correct, I'm still a flip, but if he just has AK I'm in good shape. Thoughts?


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