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Classic Bond18/Fossilman = Woody Allen/Marshall McLuhan

lakong I was browsing through 2plus2 today and came across the following hand post by Bond. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing this on the site. It is funny in so many ways. It reminded me of the classic scene from Annie Hall. Here's a link to the video of the scene. If you haven't seen it, be sure to watch the full video through to the end.

Was playing a 109 FO today and made a standard play which resulted in my getting heavily berated. Here's the HH:
Poker Stars $100+$9 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t175/t350 Blinds + t45 - 9 players
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jc0880 (BB): t6890
revheat969 (UTG): t9272
dannygreen1 (UTG+1): t8220
Hero (UTG+2): t5680
Pti4ka_Tucan (MP1): t2710
brettsky678 (MP2): t15120
mike121112 (CO): t11338
BaldGuy (BTN): t15755
Stoweski (SB): t10553

Pre Flop: (t930) Hero is UTG+2 with K A
2 folds, Hero raises to t950, Pti4ka_Tucan raises to t2665 all in, 1 fold, mike121112 raises to t11293 all in, 3 folds, Hero calls t4685 all in

Flop: (t14865) 2 9 Q (3 players - 3 are all in)

Turn: (t14865) 9 (3 players - 3 are all in)

River: (t14865) K (3 players - 3 are all in)

Final Pot: t14865
Hero shows K A (two pair, Kings and Nines)
Pti4ka_Tucan shows Q A (two pair, Queens and Nines)
mike121112 shows J J (two pair, Jacks and Nines)
Hero wins t5940
Hero wins t8925

And the ensuing chat:
STM70 [observer]: nh bond
mike121112: FKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mike121112: why
mike121112: wot u think i had bond
STM70 [observer]: dirty river ther
mike121112: fking spastic

Bond18: i think i haz AK
STM70 [observer]: dude that's a standard play by bond
Bond18: it be the nizzles
Dealer: Stoweski, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
mike121112: so u called for a split nice 1 idiot

mike121112: no its not
mike121112: its a moron play
dannygreen1: these bloody

mike121112: bond wot hand u actually think i had? looks like i have aa
Bond18: on behalf of morons everywhere, i am offended
dan89 x [observer]: lol

STM70 [observer]: Dude he has AK with 15 BB, THAT is standard to get it in

mike121112: not after a re raise and a re re raise idiot
Bond18: is that you hellmuth?

mike121112: bond ur a ****** clearly
Bond18: given entertainment value
mike121112: re t ard

STM70 [observer]: maybe you should start one

FossilMan [Commentator]: Greetings players. Please give me a moment to review the chat log

Bond18: i'll only start a video if mike promises to keep berating me after standard play
STM70 [observer]: lol
mike121112: check the HH

STM70 [observer]: i really enjoy watching your videos bond
STM70 [observer]: keep up the good work

Bond18: oooo you've pissed off the fossilman, you are so ****ed

Bond18: thanks dude

FossilMan [Commentator]: PokerStars requires that people act with respect, and insulting comments are not allowed at the table. Please refrain from such comments in the future


FossilMan [Commentator]: Also, having reviewed the HH, I have to agree that bond played the hand 100% correctly.

dannygreen1: lol
dan89 x [observer]: LOL
Bond18: lol
STM70 [observer]: ship it bond
FossilMan [Commentator]: Just an ordinary bad beat.

mike121112: o dear fossil man

mike121112: think about it then talk to me

FossilMan [Commentator]: Have a good night all, and thanks again for playing at

STM70 [observer]: and he will still say it's the standard play
mike121112: why is fossil man even here?

mike121112: at least get moderator or sumthing
FossilMan [Commentator]: If any future issues arise, you will have the services of a real Moderator. I'm just filling in for a moment.

Bond18: much like Obi Wan Kinobi, Fossilman can feel a disturbance in the force
FossilMan [Commentator]: Good night all.

FossilMan [Commentator]: Have fun.
mike121112: raymer sucks anways


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