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$350 live Bike Club tourney -- deep run, name-calling - part 1

Bicycle Casino
lakong Played in the October tournament series at the Bike last night. The buy-in was $350 with 200 or so runners. I got home around 3:30am and only slept for about 4.5 hours so I'm running on fumes. Here is a quick summary. I'll fill in the gaps in the next post:

- podiman was in from NY and invited me to join him at the Bike last night
- we both made it deep. Podiman was knocked out with about 4-5 tables left. I made it to 19th, just in the money.
- my $525 win amounts to about $25 per hour. Wow!
- I called a guy a pussy after he yelled at a guy for cracking his Aces. The problem was I did this without first even looking to see if i could take him! I was in the 9 seat, he was in the 1 seat, so I never got a good look at him. Luckily, he was not very big and didn't give me any trouble.
- Was short all night. Just grinded the best I could. Was all-in 5 times. Once we had the same hand. The other 4 times I was either about 50/50 or 40/60. Won all 4.
- Had a few big hands in the last few hours when the blinds were high. KK/KK/QQ/AK/AK/AQ. Not EVEN ONE time did anyone raise in front of me or call my raise. Not once. Could never pick up a big hand, or any hand for that matter when I needed one.
- Finally busted when I had to make my 100th move to keep a manageable stack when the 900/1800 blinds were about to hit me and my stack was only 6500 or so.
- This was a bounty tournament. They gave you $25 for every person you knocked out. I played for 7+ hours, made it to 19th and never busted another player. In fact, never was even in a position to bust another player.

I'll fill in some details after I get some sleep.

- S


Anonymous says

Congrats on the money! I like you dropping the P-bomb (sometimes it is necessary). Way to be scrappy!


EdmondDantes says

Score five points for calling a whiny loser a "pussy." Deduct four points for suggesting you'd alter your behavior if you couldn't "take him." And what's this with no action with six hands of a bounty tournament? Kong, have you gone nitty on us and ruined your image? In any event, nice top 20 finish. See you at the final event!


P.S. Big Poker Oktober at the Bicycle Casino schedule and yes, they spell it Oktober...


Anonymous says

EdmonDantes, certainly didn't have a nitty image. To the contrary, I was forced to keep on showing the big hands so I could get away with my dozens of raises and rr with nothing. I was forced to show down a mp push with T8o one time when I was called by the BB with 66. Why push with T8 you ask? Well, I was at 8BB and would have lost all FE if the blinds hit me. Another time I had to call a raise from the button with K8. Again, I was so short that I felt I had to play. I also was making tons of pushes from the co, from the SB when it was folded or limped to me, etc.

So it was so surprising that I never got action. Here's a typical bad timing situation. At one point I had just won a nice pot and had about 20 bb. I raised 4x from the button with A9. The BB calls and checks in the dark. Flop comes TTJ. I check. A blank on the turn and he checks so I raise about 2/3 of pot. He pushes and I have to fold -- so clearly I was making a move. The next hand I have KK. I raise from CO, and get no action. This was pretty much how the night went. Hey, I got deep, so I'm not really complaining.

- S


xxrod17xx says

That sucks you didnt bust anyone but at least you ran gooot in AI's. I dont think I have ever won 4 races in a row lol.


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