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Hard way to make easy money...

I came out of the gates flying on my first two sessions this month. I was up 4.5 buyins at 100NL and felt like I could do no wrong. I have started adding a table or three to my normal 3 Bodog tables, yes, it is AP, but they gave me $10 a few months ago and I’m just using it to learn how to multi-table better.

I have taken 2 shots this month at 200NL, neither of which has gone well. The first time I lost $450 before recovering half of my losses when I flopped a set vs. an overpair. The 2nd time I just didn’t feel that I was ready for the new level. I found myself not wanting to fire Cbets into the 2 pf callers that were in the hand w/ me. The flop texture was gross every time, but it still felt like I was wussing out due to the higher stakes. I’ve concluded that 10 buy-ins isn’t nearly big enough to feel confident when taking a shot.

My graph looks pretty gross, (I’m at work so I can’t post it.) I peaked at $450 after my first two sessions, then dropped to about ($20), spiked back up to $250, dropped back to ($75), and am currently back up to ~$250. These kinds of swings will definitely pull you out of auto-piloting mode, which I find myself in more and more often as of late. I even dropped the extra table(s) that I was playing on AP just so that I would focus more. I’m still just a smidgeon under 5bb/100 for the month, but it really doesn’t feel like I’m making a whole lot of progress.

It seems as if the fish have taken one step up the poker ladder so that they aren’t freely giving their money away anymore. There are several more regs floating around now too, yet none of them are exceptionally good except one or two. The donks that I bullied last month have somehow moved up to 200NL w/o me. This is discouraging, though I know that they are just putting in way more hours than me. Two or three have had to drop back down as of the last couple of nights, so I was able to table select some easy ones last night.

So, to summarized my month. I peaked at +$450 early, have been below $0 twice since then. I’m working on my multi-tabling game, and Bodog seems to have gotten slightly tougher and therefore I’ve had to work harder and focus more to maintain positive results. Who knew that you had to work this hard for the easy money? Geez!!!

October was meh...

I just want to say that October was meh... It was lots better than September, but only 1/3 as good as August. I had a good turn around at the end of the month with my trip to the Horseshoe - Bossier City. Mostly that trip offset this trip, Return to the Shoe, but I still ended up positive for the month in live play.

My online play was still solid, my win rate has been running around 10BB/100 Hands, but I'm only playing 4 to 5k hands a month. I've got to get my quantity up to really start making some money.

I played a few tourneys online, guaranteed money down the tube since I don't play them except very sparatically.

My numbers for October look like this:
Live Ring $1/3NL: +$170
1 MTT: ($11)
PLO ($10)
SNGs ($12)
Online Ring +$496

Net = +$633.00

My chart is off once again due to Dogwatch, but it looks like this:
click to enlarge the image

November Goals:
PLAY MORE HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, November has started off well, I'm up $181 after my first session. I've added one table of AP to my usual 3 on Bodog. If Bodog allowed more, I'd be playing 'em all there, but they don't so I'm having to venture out. Don't worry, I didn't make a deposit onto AP, they gave me $10 to come back and I've turned it into a seedling of a roll there. I'm not practicing bankroll management on AP because I'm just not going to play $10NL. It's currently at $106 as of last night and $25NL is as small as I'll play w/ it. Eventually I'm going to add more and more AP tables, but I think Bodog with it's high win rate will remain my bread and butter site.

Good luck all, may you run goot!

King Me!!!!

King Me!!!!

BJJII and I decided to make a run to the Horseshoe-Bossier City this past Friday night. BJ's friend Ben was in town and also made the trip with us. Ben is a great guy and an awesome poker resource. Right now he's a student and making his living off of online poker, you could say that he's living the life. I think he's gonna stay with it after he graduates here in the near future, so anytime I get a chance to pick his brain I jump on it. He, BJ and I had some great strategy conversation on the hour and a half drive over there and I think that really put me into the proper frame of mind for a great live session.

Pulling into the Horseshoe's parking garage I felt mentally ready to take on the live donks. I also felt the "ON" switch click over on my luck box. Literally, I felt lucky! We were immediately seated at a $1/3 table since we had called ahead and had Josh put our names on the list.

Nice start

I hadn't even gotten seated before I was dealt the 2nd best starting hand in Holdem. Literally, I was still standing when I looked at my cards. Without pause I tossed 3 red chips into the pot for a 5xBB raise behind one limper. I got called by a guy in an orange and blue long-sleeved polo(we'll call him Fgators) who only had around $175 in front of him. The flop was Q high and very uncoordinated, Fgators checked to me and I bet $25 into the $30 pot. He came over the top of me for a min raise, and after thinking about it for a second and evaluating his remaining stack size, I pushed all my chips into the middle of the pot.

This was my very first hand and I'm all in! He thought about the situation briefly, folded then let it spill that he had Q-9o. That's a great piece of information for future reference. I think to myself, "Welcome to the game, sir!" and settle in for a great session of cards. I immediately straddle on the next hand to build on this loose table image that I've walked into.

Expertly played, sir!

My next play is rather questionable, but it was against Fgators (who I had quickly figured out was a donk) and my hand (kicker) was concealed. I had A-Jo in the BB and 4 people limped into the pot and the SB completed. I check here almost always due to the fact that A-Jo is such a trap hand. I didn't vary from my standard play in this spot.

The flop was J-9-7r, which wasn't the best looking flop for my hand, but I definitely think that testing the waters was fine in this situation. I led out for $10 after the SB checked to me and got 2 callers before Fgators made it $35 to go from the cutoff. This should probably have been a fold for me, but the pot still wasn't too huge and I didn't think that I was breaking into any commitment thresholds w/ my call. I called to await further action by the CO and to see if either of the 2 callers would hang around. Both of the flop callers folded and I'm left heads up with Fgators.

The turn was a 6 and I check-called $20 thinking that I'm probably behind, but for $20 I couldn't fold in this spot. The river was an Ace giving me Aces Up and I looked over at my opponent's stack to gauge what my river bet would be. He only had $25 left in front of him and my dreams of winning a truly massive pot were crushed. I put him AI and he calls w/ his flopped 2 top two pair (Jacks up.)

I sure heard it from my pals when I stacked this pot, but it wasn't the first time that I had sucked out in my life. I was disappointed w/ myself, I had completely ignored the commitment thresholds that were set by my opponent's smaller stack and really felt that I had grossly misplayed my hand. He was in the 4 seat at the time though and seeing his stack was very difficult from the 7 seat that I was sitting in. If it were anyone else but Fgators, I probably would have quickly folded on the flop.

Yep, that's all of 'em

We had been playing for about 3 hours or so and my stack had grown to ~$500. I had the table covered and had 2 total rocks on my immediate left who I gave a lot of respect to due to the fact that one of my buddies who happened to be there had pointed them out to me as regulars. Now when I say they were tight, I mean they squeaked when they put money into the pot. The 1 seat was really loose-passive, the 2 seat was now Fgators, the 3 seat was Fgator's wife who we (my pals and I and the two rocks on my left) had stacked multiple times only to have her reload again and again for $100. The 4 seat was Ben, followed by BJ. I was in the 7 seat, an Asian man was in the 8 seat, a cowboy in the 9 seat and an older cowboy was in the 10 seat.

I had had a really good card distribution for the day, I had stacked Fgator's wife w/ Aces once and consistently had raising hands spread throughout the afternoon. When I looked down to another pair of Kings, I made it $15 to go behind BJ's UTG+1 limp. The cowboy in the 9 seat called, as well as Fgators in the SB.

The flop was so beautiful, K-6-5 rainbow! YAHTZEE!!! Fgators checked to me, since I had the board crippled I figured that I would weak lead for $20 and take down the $50 pot. When the cowboy called behind me I knew that he had to have a good piece of that flop. He was around $250 deep after his $20 call. I wanted to jump up and dance a jig when Fgators came over the top of me for a check-raise. When he made it $70 to go I realized that I was actually going to play a big pot w/ this flopped set of Kings.

Now I started thinking about how to keep the cowboy in the hand and not lose any of the potential business that I had going on at this point. I knew he was tight and would fold easily, so I banged the table with my shuffling chips just as I got check-raised. I paused for some Hollywood effect, and then counted out the $50, which I, with a tinge of disgust, tossed into the pot. The cowboy came along! Yee Haww!!

The turn could have been better; it was the 4 that put 2 diamonds on the board. Fgators immediately pushed for $132. I was kind of nervous about the straight draw getting there, but I knew that I could never fold top set in that spot. I repushed to put the cowboy all in and he reluctantly called w/ his flopped set of 5s! I'll give it to him, he knew something was up, I could see it in his eyes, but he couldn't fold a set in that spot. Fgators turns over 6-5o for bottom 2 pair on the flop. They're both drawing stone cold dead on the flop and just for good measure, my favorite dealer Kathy turns over the case King to give me quads on the river!


Not long after this, the LP player in the 1 seat went broke, as well as the contributing couple that had continually re-bought all afternoon. The remaining players looked around at each other for a second, determined that the loose action was gone, then decided to find greener pastures.

It was kind of slow for a Friday night at the Shoe and the seats weren't being filled (it was only 7pm.) There were nothing but regulars filling the other tables, so my buddies and I talked about heading over to the El Dorado to see if the action was any better over there. Upon further thought, BJ and I decided to go home to our wives and we dropped Ben off at a nice restaurant with some of his friends so that he can do what single guys do. I had netted a $670 profit in 4.5 hours and felt great! This was quite a relief after having lost in the previous 4 live sessions that I had played.

Once home, I realized that I had drank too many Red Bulls and couldn't sleep. With my wife passed out on the couch, I cranked up an online session of $100NL on Bodog. Within an hour and 15 minutes I had picked up $143. It should have been a +3 buy in session, but a guy hit a 3 outer on me on the river after we gotten all the money in on the flop. I'll take a one buy in win in just over an hour though; it's much better than a sharp stick in the eye! Despite a horrible start to the month when I lost $500 at the Shoe, the month has really turned around and I have gotten back into the black for a nice little profit on the month. Hopefully I don't blow it in the next 3 days!

Hopefully I'll keep running goot and keep the winning trip reports coming!

Bodog Poker Blogger Tourney #2

Bodog Poker Blogger Tourney #2

Filed in archive Internet Poker by David Aydt on September 11, 2007

Info from this site: Keep your poker

Bodog... er (thanks to the wonderful people that are taking advantage of legal loopholes because of the UIGEA) is staging the second part of its Online Poker Blogger Tournament.

Bodog, well known for its soft bonuses and even softer ring games, is putting up $125 in tournament credits in addition to the money put up by your fellow bloggers to compete for. Again, thanks to the wonderfully vague UIGEA, its become difficult for players to transfer funds from the bigger sites such as PokerStars or Full Tilt to compete.

But, who doesn't like free money? So, if you have the means check out the email invite below to participate (for poker bloggers only please):

Bodog is pleased to invite online poker bloggers to play in it's first ever Poker Blogger Tournament with added prize money courtesy of Bodog.

Bodog is adding a total of $125 in bonus money to the tournament. If you are one of the last 5 players to be eliminated prior to being paid out by the standard payout structure, you will get your buy-in returned by way of a $10 bonus. If you finish 2nd in the tournament you will receive a $25 bonus. And if you finish first, Bodog will give you a $50 bonus.

This tournament is Bodog's way of acknowledging poker blogger's contribution to the great game of poker.

The tournament will run weekly on Tuesday evenings and will require a password for entry that all bloggers can promote within their community.

Details of tournament:
• Dates Remaining: Sept 11, 18, 25 and Oct 2, 2007
• Tournament Name: "Online Poker Blogger Tournament" at Bodog
• Entry Password: bodogblogger
• Buy-in + fee: $10 + $1
• Starting Chips: 3000 (Double Stack)
• Payout: Standard Bodog payout structure
• Bonuses:
o T$50 bonus paid to 1st place finisher.
o T$25 bonus paid to 2nd place finisher.
o T$10 bonus paid to the 5 players that are eliminated prior to payouts.
 These bonuses will be awarded within 24hrs of the tournament completion.
 T$ = Tournament Credits. These can be used as a buy in to almost all scheduled tournaments at Bodog and have a ratio to cash of 1:1.
 T$ can also be combined with cash to buy in to tournaments.
• Day of week: Tuesdays
• Start time: 8:35pm ET

Bodog has committed to run this tournament every Tuesday through October 2nd. If participation warrants it, we'll be able to keep it running and possibly increase the prizes and/or turn this into a poker league with an ongoing leader board!

If you haven't played at the Bodog Poker Room before, please download and install the free software client at:

New Bodog

The Buffetology of Poker

"The important thing is to keep playing, to play against weak opponents and to play
for big stakes."- Warren Buffet

This is my motto for online poker. In fact, I might just make it my signature
statement. Warren is speaking of playing bridge in this situation, but boy, does it
ever apply to poker!

"The important thing is to keep playing," if I don't have a bankroll because I blew
it on playing some game that was out of my league, I'm out of the game and can't
continue to make money. Taking shots is one thing, but over estimating your
abilities and over extending your bankroll is just arrogant. Spending your bankroll
is akin to being a quitter, IMHO. Bankroll management is key in our game, if you
don't have any tools you can't do any work. Our Bankroll is the tool of our trade.
No money, no play, it's that simple.

"To play against weak opponents," Many people have ego problems that keep leading
them to play tougher and tougher games. I guess that their motivation is different
than mine. My motivation is to make money at a hobby that I enjoy, not to beat the
best players in the world. I think that eventually one will lead to the other, but
I'm not going to risk a substantial portion of my bankroll against players who have
developed their game far beyond mine. "You can sheer a sheep many times, but only
skin it once" has a key thought in it that you may not readily see. I'm looking
to sheer sheep, not fight wolves!
That's why I don't play my current stakes on
some of the more populated sites. I'm a 4 lb bass in a 2-acre pond where I'm
currently playing, but if I were to move over to Poker Stars... well, a 4 lb bass is
snack food in one of those games. Yes, a Brian Townsend who is driven by ego to
conquer the game will run up the gamut of the poker world faster than me and will
probably always be a better poker player than me, I'm okay with that. I just want
my little piece of the pie on a steady and consistent basis.

"And to play for big stakes." This is kind of a see rules 1 & 2 statement, if you
manage your bankroll and stay in the game and you consistently play against weaker
players with the occasional, calculated shot taken to move up in the poker world,
eventually you will play higher and higher stakes that will give you a bigger and
bigger return. 8 months ago I was playing $10NL with a $24 Bankroll. This was the
smallest stakes game that was available to me and I was consistently playing weaker
opponents. In the last 8 months I have moved up to $100NL and I still feel that I
am one of the best players on the site and stakes that I am playing. Do I want to
move up to $400 and $600NL, yes, when I'm ready and when my bankroll is large enough
to sustain the variance of that stake. Without bankroll management, I am likely to
become just another shooting star.

That's my $0.02 on how this snippet of Buffetology relates to poker.

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