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Bankroll building cont: Stud 8 =)

Just a quick update. My wife was out of town last week, so I got a lot of card playing in, including a trip to the casino which I'll write about tomorrow at work! =) I'm just gonna throw in a quick line about Stud 8 that I played today while relaxing and taking a break from the NLHE grind.

I'm no genius at stud 8, but the play seems really bad online. I might invest in a book or two for the game (if someone could recommend something) because the players are just chasing rediculous stuff with no pot odds and no real draws. They're chasing bad lows in heads up pots and generally just blowing money. Like I said, I'm not very good at the game, but I've read Super System 1 and try to stick to those guidelines. I love the freerolling part of the game when you make the nut low or a really strong high hand and are just blasting a three way pot, then you end up scooping the whole thing when they miss their low draws or you complete the wheel on the river.

I played about 40 minutes today and picked up $9.15 after scooping two big pots and chopping a few more small ones. I love that game, I guess because you can play it very mechanically and still do well at it. So, chalk me up for one buyin recovered on FT!
Landlord79- Shreveport trip report soon, I promise!

Bankroll update!! River plays

Bankroll update!!

I know it’s been a while since I have posted about my Full Tilt bankroll building process, so I’m gonna try to get everyone up to date on where I’m at.

After running my roll up to $91+, I decided to take a single table shot at 25NL to try jump starting things. The cards ran really bad and I was folding my life away so I opened a 10NL table just to help keep me occupied. Two tables still wasn’t enough and the cards were still running cold, so I opened a 3rd table. Things never turned to the good for the night and I ended up dropping over $30 on the night.

Good fortune came my way in the form of a new poker friend during the last week or so. We discussed strategies and theories and traded some hands for reviewing. Despite running 19/8/2 ish, my new poker pal informed me that I was still playing weak tight. OUCH!! He referred me to an article concerning 6 max tables that talked about what hands this winning player was raising with preflop. It also talked about maximizing position, which I found at Full Tilt is a very profitable tool. I’ve played on other sites where everyone was just a calling station and position is less of a tool, but to me, the players at Full Tilt are much better, which means that since they are thinking about more than their own cards, they’re game psychology is more exploitable.

So with my newly found aggression techniques, I started back at the 10NL tables. I am getting a lot more comfortable playing 4 tables at once. I’m able to remember who has done what and what position they were in better than I was during my first few 4 tabling sessions. I find that there is always something going on with 4 tables rolling and very soon I hope to move to 5 tables, though I may need another monitor to make it work right.

The session immediately following the coaching that I received turned out to be a great one for me. $17 isn’t great in the whole scheme of things, but to the fledgling Full Tilt bankroll that I have and coming off the 30% loss that I had just absorbed, $17 is quite a nice score! The session in between then and now have been slightly break even to losing, but they are small loses that I expect as I flesh this newer, more aggressive style out.

My stats have “improved” to 22/11/3ish, so I am happy with them and my bankroll is back up to $78. Still nothing superb as far as dollars go, but this is the beginning of one long session of cards! If all goes well, it should be a life-long session.

Week of 5-27-07

I had a horrible night of cards, 40% was a mix of over-aggression and variance, and 60% was one hand that I played really badly with a very deep (2 buy in) stack against an opponent who I barely had covered. To cut the bad hand down to a short version, I slowplayed trip aces on the flop w/ my A-Q, made a pretty decent raise on the turn when a LAG donked into me, and raised a river bet that I had no business raising. It was quite a bad hand and I’ll say only a few things about it, if you reopen the betting on the river, you had better be holding the goods. I’m not saying that you need to be holding the nutz every time, that would be too predictable, but if you have your opponent’s hand down to a tight range and your hand is significantly better than his range, then you can raise the river and reopen the betting. If you don’t have a very strong hand versus your opponents range, it’s better to just call the river, but exposing your deep stack to very large loss by raising on the river is just silly. When deep-stacked in cash games, it becomes more important to protect your stack than to protect your hand.

My roll on FT stands at $48.15 after dropping three buyins on this horrible night.

BJJIII and I did make a trip to the casino this weekend and will be posting some session reviews from that within the coming week.

Bankroll building Cont: A goot night!!

Wow! I had a great night online Tuesday night! I picked up $19.00 over 500 hands while 4 tabling. This was the first time that I have played more than 3 tables, so it was quite a challenging experience. I actually played 2 sessions Tuesday night, one before House and one after House. I was down around $5 before House, but boy did things take off after House! For the night I ran 23/9/5 which is right where I feel like I’m playing my best!

The hand that put me down early was AA, I’ve had this hand several times this month and it has been a loser for me. In a raised pot pf, the flop falls K-Q-3r, and I led out strong on the flop. I was smooth called by a rock but I thought he might be on AK or something. The turn was a brick and I just pushed All in because a decent bet by me would have been $3 and the villain only had $6+, so I figured I was obligated to call a raise from him regardless, so I might as well push it in. He turned over QQ and I was down right out of the gate.

But I was feeling good and confident as my meta-game has been going really well these last few weeks. That disaster of a hand was easy to shake off and I moved on.

Just to keep things short, I’ll abbreviate these hands as much as possible.

Flopped top two pair w/ K-9o on the button lost to KQs due to running flush cards for villain. -1 buyin

2-4o in SB flopped a wheel and stacked 2 villains on the flop, one w/ TP the other with trip threes. I love these hands, they’re great to lead into A high flops! +1.5 buyins

6-6 vs. AJ, bottom set vs. TPTK, I even gave this guy the standard line of ck-call, ck-raise AI, but he still gave me his whole stack +.6 buyin

AQo vs. J8s on J-J-10 flop, turn is a K and I stacked the villain on the turn after he checked the flop. Nice slowplay! +.7 buyin

QQ and KK held up unimproved 4x EACH!!! That line will stand alone.

I also started playing back at LAGs with really high aggression factors who are leading into my pfr’d hands on the flop when the flop comes really low. This is a great way to pick up a small pot safely, though dodging when the LAG has a legit hand is the key here.

For the month of May, I’ve played 1600+ hands at 8.65 BB/100 Hands. The bankroll stands at $91.10. Thanks again to for giving me the seed capital on Full Tilt!

Horseshoe Shreveport 5-11-07

A friend and I arrived at the Horseshoe about 5pm on Friday the 11th. We had called in 30 minutes out to put our name on the list and sure enough, we were close to the top of the $1/2NL list when we got there. It didn’t take me but a second to clear up an issue I had concerning the reward points from the last session that I had played here. I had played a 13.5 hour session last month and when I checked my players card online the preceding Monday I didn’t see the matching rewards dollars on my account. The PRM assured me that it would be taken care of and sure enough, when I ordered my food later that night, there was plenty enough points to order my buddy and I an excellent meal each.

Three or four tables were empty when we arrived, but within minutes the PRM had started a new table for us and we were off and running.

The room is still my favorite so far, but the tables are starting to shed a little. I had my small space picked off quickly though, so it didn’t bother me for very long.

I’m starting to recognize more and more faces at the Shoe, those that I want to play against and those that I prefer to avoid. Early on, there were a few weak spots at the table, but I knew one of them wouldn’t last long, I’d seen him before and he’d always gone busto really quick! He wasn’t there for more than an hour or two before he was broke, but unfortunately, I didn’t end up with any of his money. I made my best laydown of the night when I played 5c-4c on the button against this player and the flop fell 6-5-4. The lady at the table (I’ll refer to her again later) led out into this pot and was quickly raised by the early exit’er. He plays a very loose passive game, so when the tight lady bet and he raised her, I saw that the jig was up and I laid down my bottom 2 pair. The lady ended up folding and the raiser triumphantly showed his 3-2 off suit. I had dropped about $80 due to this hand and some middle pocket pairs not winning at the showdown (88 vs. 99 and such). I feel that I was playing well and aggressive, but the cards just weren’t going my way. I was quick to reload.

Before I knew it the table had gotten very tough with the addition of two regulars into the game. One of them wasn’t too bad because you could just avoid him, but the other was someone who put lots of pressure on you and wasn’t afraid to get his money in the middle. I was luckily very card dead in this time period when there weren’t any major weak spots on the table and I wasn’t in very many pots at all. I did catch AcKc UTG and I made my standard “UTG light” raise to $7. A loose player on the end and the crafty regular in the BB called me. The flop fell, Ad-10d-3d and the BB checked, I bet $20 into the pot and the LAG folded. Unfortunately, the BB came over the top of me for $60 total. This isn’t the kind of spot that I like to be in against a tough player, I thought of pushing my stack in on him, but thought better of it due to the all diamond flop and I tossed my cards into the muck. The BB claimed that he had 2 pair, but I really don’t think he had much of anything besides the knowledge that without a big diamond in my hand I couldn’t make that call.

My big boo-boo of the night came when I thought I had K-3o in the BB. The table limped around for me and I rapped the table to see a flop. The flop was a nice one for me, but scary at the same time, K-K-8. Being in the blinds, I just checked my trips hoping that someone would bet at the pot and get a few callers to build the pot. Sure enough the player to my immediate left bet the standard $10 on the flop but only got one caller. The turn was an off suit 4 which disappointed me because I was hoping for some face cards to improve my hand and generate some action from a floater. Once again I checked which was very passive, but I just didn’t feel good at all about my kicker. The tough player to my left bet out $15 which was big enough to get the other player to fold and small enough to keep me in the hand. The river was a blank and I made a defensive bet of $20 because I didn’t want to call a big bet with my no kicker trips. The old man called and I turned my hand over to reveal K-4o, not K-3o. The villain mucked his hand and I still hadn’t realized that I had a full house. I caught quit a hazing for this hand for the next 5 minutes.

Twice I played J-10 in late position and flopped two pair. The first time w/ a 7 on the flop and the 2nd time w/ a 9. On the first one, there was a bet and a raise ahead of me and I just smooth called on the flop. The turn was a 9 and the old lady led out again and the flop raiser folded. She was betting small so I just called her once again. The river was a total brick and she made about a $35 bet that I paid off. She turned over J-8s and raked in a nice pot. The 2nd time I hit 2 pair w/ J-10 I had called a raise to $5 in the CO. The table checked to me on the flop and I bet out $20 to see where I was at on this extremely coordinated board. 4 players called me and I could have puked!! The turn is a King and I wanted my $20 back, but the table checked to me again and I just checked behind. The river was a brick and we all checked once again. I turned over my two pair and everyone mucked. Then, some maniac new guy who had made the raise to $5 pf tried to pull his cards out of the muck and claim that he had accidentally folded his hand. The rules stood and I raked in a very important (as you will soon see) pot.

I was back to break even just before the first J-10 hand, which was about mid way through my session. That hand dropped me back to $80 or so down and I had to fight to stay there for most of the night as this table was so tough. After a long drought and getting down about $130 loser, the 2nd J-10 hand put me back up to only $30 to 40 down.

Enter the BIG PAIR!!! I hadn’t seen a big pair all night. So when I looked down to see pocket Kings, I’m sure my heart went to racing. UTG limped and I raised to $15 from 2nd position and pointed out to the table that I hadn’t raised pf in over an hour or so and that they had better all fold because I was playing uber tight! Three players called my pfr including the old lady mentioned above and both of the tough regulars. Ugghh! The flop was favorable one for my kings though, w/ a J-9-3 and 2 clubs. My Kings were both red. I definitely don’t like the clubs much but when the tough guys check to me I make a $35 bet into the $60 pot. This bet should accomplish 2 things: 1. It will under-represent my over pair and 2. It should draw out and string along any draws that are getting close but incorrect odds. My dilemma about the tough players in the hand quickly vanished as the old woman pushed a 20 stack of $5 chips into the pot for a raise. They both folded which left me a situation with a vulnerable over pair on a drawy board against a lady who has shown down the goods all night. I hadn’t seen her play a draw in this fashion and I really didn’t think she had a set. I was really hoping that she didn’t have a set, and my mind kept going back to A-J. Deciding that she had A-J, I reached for my original $35 bet and replaced it with a $100 stack of reds and declared the ever so scary words of “I’m all in!”

The 3 seconds after you utter these words are always the quietest and most stressful. If the villain beats you into the pot you might as well muck your hand, push them the pot and go home a loser, but if they delay past this period, you are usually a winner. She definitely didn’t beat me into the pot and I knew what her hand would be before she eventually called and turned it over. The turn and river blanked out for her and I drug a pot of just over $500, my largest to date. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing as I stacked red chip after red chip. I was swimming in them! I know it took me 10 minutes to calm down and get all of those chips stacked, I was so excited that I had to keep taking breaks and let my heart slow down.

The rest of the night was uneventful and I cashed out about 20 minutes earlier than planned so that I wouldn’t drop below the $200 profit mark. I had sat at the toughest table I have sat at out side of Tunica and come out a winner! Overall, it was a very good night at the Bossier City Horseshoe!

BR building: Playing scared...

Sorry about the delay, work has gotten busy and it is harder to take some time and give updates about my bankroll building process.

I have been having a dilemma with Full Tilt about the size of their rake at $10/NL. Two times the other night I had a split pot that ended up costing me money. The rake of 10% for $10/NL with a $2 max is absurd. Deciding whether or not to move up to $25/NL, which has a rake of only 5%, has really had me perplexed. I had my mind made up until a fellow 2+2er made a comment that really hit home when he said something about playing with “scared money.” Playing with scared money means that you don’t take a lot of chances and that you play so defensively that you almost cannot make money. That really got me thinking about how I play and when I feel the most comfortable in my game.

Take my current bankroll on Full Tilt, for $25/NL it represents less than 3 buyins. Not that the dab of money I have on Full Tilt would cripple me if I lost it, but this just isn’t a good scenario. The last time that I played on FT I did move up to $25NL and I noticed that I played a much tighter game and really didn’t want to get my money in with close races. My stats were around 20/8/2, not too tight, but tighter than my optimal game. I did show a profit, but how can you not show a profit when you flop top boat and only play 60 something hands? My profit for this session was $8.75, which offset the loss that I had a $10/NL the session before of ($3.90).

Let’s look at Bodog, where I play with about 17 buyins. I noticed last night that I ran about 28/9/3, which is a very aggressive stat line. I’m not a maniac by any means, but that is still very aggressive. Playing in this manner is where I feel that I play my best game, I feel aggressive, and that I win the most money while playing this way. I'm also able to comfortably play 3 tables when I have this many buyins, whereas I am relegated to playing only 1 @ 25NL and 2 or maybe 3 at 10NL on Full Tilt.

I also went to the casino this weekend and found that I am still very protective of the money that is in front of me. I play with just over 7 buyins live, and could feel the difference in my demeanor. It might have had something to do with the style of play that goes on in a low-limit casino game, but this has been on my mind, so I noticed the difference in my style. I’ll post more about my live session in another thread, but I felt that it was worth noticing and mentioning.

What I have noticed from all of this is that besides protecting us from downswings, playing within our bankroll really helps in the confidence we have at the table and keeps us from making scared decisions.

Anyway, my Full Tilt roll that started from the $12 that gave me a month ago stands at $72.55.
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