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January Graph & Results

Landlord79 January was a nice start to the year. I had a good trip to the Horseshoe-Bossier City and got fully rolled for 50NL on PokerStars without having to deposit anymore money. I wish that my earn rate at 50NL would have been higher, but a wins a win and a few of the losses that I took were unavoidable suckouts.

In a borish economist voice, "The chart is upward trending with a few rough patches at the end. It looks like we've found ourselves a winner."
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I will be taking a break from poker in February. It’s not that I’m burned out or anything, I just need to put my priorities back into order.

My goals are to:
Reinvigorate my spiritual life.
Create new habits
1. A prayer time
2. Reading time
3. An exercise program
Purify my body, through a strict diet.
Retool my calendar so that I am doing things based on what is important, not what I feel like doing.

I recently bought Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham on audio CD, The Essays of Warren Buffett by Warren Buffett and Lawrence A. Cunningham, and No Limit Theory and Practice. I won’t start reading NLT&P until March. I want to keep my mind clear and focused upon the long-term.


Mr_Taterhead says

Nice looking month. A good couple of trips to the 'Shoe pretty much makes your month.

Glad to know that your trying to get your priorities back in order.

Good Luck with your Feb Goals. I wish you the best.


Anonymous says

Nice graph, good luck with the cleansing


Anonymous says

Hey man, just started checking out your blog after I saw it up on in the 2+2 forum sticky.

I'd like to invite you to check out my blog at



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