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Badugi - Perfect 4 ! ....

... Unfortunately not mine though.

Good news, only a freeroll, so didn't cost me anything.

Playing in the Carbon Badugi freeroll today, where generally, like most freerolls the play is extremely loose.

So with blinds at 75/100, I have t1,840 (M= 10).

I limp in with Q 5 7 2 , and 2 other players limp, BB checks.

I draw A , so I'm thinking that my 752A is probably a winner.

I throw in a min bet, so as not to scare everyone away, get one fold, two callers.

Villain1 draws 1, Villain2 draws 2.

I throw in another min bet, Villain1 calls, Villain2 shoves for t1,265, I insta call smiling.

I'm expecting to see anything from a J to maybe a 6, ... the thought of a 6 isn't good, but in my very brief Badugi "career", I've seen very few 6's so ...

Cards exposed and ....

Hero :

7 5 2 A


4 3 2 A

Ouch !

I partially didn't really mind losing, as it was "fun" seeing that elusive hand appear.

I played in the Badugi freeroll on Stars a couple of days ago, and managed to finish in the top 64, and after a few thousand hands, the best hand I had or even saw was a couple of Badugi "6's"

Being very new to draw poker, and new to poker in general, I don't know for sure if the odds for better hands increases or decreases with the number of players sitting for DRAW games.

In NLHE the winning hand requirments go dow, but that is obviously not a draw game.

I've posted a few threads asking about it, and will do more reading up on the subject, but my very limited experience has shown that fewer players = bigger hand potential

A couple of days ago, I played a 3 handed game in the Carbon FreeRoll and had my T754 CRUSHED by 532A, so this extremely microscopic (nano scopic) view has fully supported my conclusion .. LOL


Or maybe

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