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post-FTOPS and more

I only had one cash in the FTOPS, but I played a very small schedule. I finished 46th in event 19 (out of some 2200-odd). A deep run that I couldn't quite sustain until the end. Disappointing, but tournaments usually are.

So it's back to the heads-up. I'm still playing this on the regular, though I had a tough session today (lost two flips for stacks and two other stacks where I got the money in as a big favorite). Nothing you can do about running bad, although I don't think I had my A-game today. Again, focusing on bringing that every time is vital to my progress as a player.

It seems like I'm moving in the right direction, though, and it's just going to be a work in progress as I work to maintain the discipline full time and continue to plug leaks. The goal is to play perfectly all the time; I will probably fail, but as long as I don't beat myself up over mistakes and continue to learn why things work and don't work, I will at least play well most of the time.

A little more in the next day or two as I have a couple of random thoughts.

hey steady steady

the HU grind has been going okay. I've had a profitable run at it, at least, although I've also had a couple of sessions I should have quit sooner. Even so, my discipline is improving as I go. It's a process, of course, but I feel the more I play, the more my old instincts to play well return, and then I've been developing the discipline and patience to not spew stacks if I'm not winning as quickly as I would like to be.

I'm still not putting in as many hours as I'd like, and I think I'll have to restructure one or two things in my life to make that possible. For one, I don't really have a proper setup at present, and my laptop is on the fritz (again).

I sold some pieces to the FTOPS, so I'm gonna play some events in that over the next week. If I pop a big score, great.

Life is good; I'll keep updates coming as anything interesting happens.

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