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Preparing for 2010

Well, 2009 is about to come to a close, and with it, I'm wrapping up my time in Houston, at least temporarily, and setting forth on the poker trail once more.

I'm still trying to build that online bankroll through heads-up play. I feel like I've turned a corner; I tinkered with my approach until I settled on one that worked. It's still early, though. Over the holidays I should have more free time.

At the end of the year, I'm moving out of here and I'm going to visit family and friends for a few weeks. I plan to spend much of my time then playing online, and hopefully I'll have a decent bankroll stacked by then. Then, I hope to travel west for some live tournaments, starting at the LA Poker Classic. I'm going to have to sell shares and such to raise the money, unless something absurd hits before then, but I don't mind. I've been able to do it before, so I hope I'll be able to again, especially if I've been playing a lot lately and putting up good results.

Not much exciting to talk about. I've put in about 11k hands since I got my laptop back, and the first half was roughly breakeven, but the second trends significantly upward, and while I'm aware of the role luck may have in that, I'm certainly playing better than I was at the start. It takes time to shake off the rust.

Well, I'm gonna keep at it and try to report back periodically as my plans solidify. One more thing: Would there be any interest in some reduced-rate tournament coaching as I get back underway, say, $50 an hour? Feel free to send me a PM or e-mail requesting any details.

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