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Playing Borgata Deep Stack this weekend - any suggestions!?!?!?

Podiman $2K buy in, $30,000 chips and 50min levels day 1, 60min levels day 2 and 3.

I have been playing very well and my game has def gone up a notch. I am making reads and making plays I have never made and my results show that its working. If you read LAKONGS blog, I cashed at the Bike $300 w/ 1RB, went out in 14th out of 137 with 19 spots getting paid. I took lots of sick beats and have no idea how I made the money.

I played the Hustler Thursday night deep stack 2 days later (5k chips,25min levels) 103 players, final table gets paid. 6 players left I am in BB with $75K (blinds are 6/12k with 1500 ante). Folds to SB who shoves for a total of $60K. I hate this spot, but know I am ahead so I call. He has 94 and flops a 9. Out on next hand when I have $6k left after posting $6K SB and ante. Paid $1025 for a $255 buy-in, so I am happy that I cashed and played well.

I finally decided to start really tracking my wins/losses, and since 3/31 I am up over $5K (all live). I am winding down my online play, the beats are too crazy and too frequent, too many 1 outers, i give you guys credit for doing it.

I personally love Deep Stack and can't wait for this weekend. If you have any specific DS advice/tips, I would love to hear em. I'll post each day during the tourney to keep you all updated.


lakeoffire says

What did you have in the BB?


Podiman says

yeah, kinda forgot that.. had AQ off.


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