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Taking Stock

Time to review my results once again. The last time I performed this excercise, I had a meager 190-200 rows of data to work with, whereas I'm now at a more considerable 731 rows, ranging from MTTs, STTs, a few cash game sessions, rakeback etc etc. If you don't know what I mean, I'm basically talking about a massive excel spreadsheet, in which I record every tournament & session I play. It keeps me focused and I find it valuable in terms of keeping myself honest. Let's be frank, most of the time you're not able to say EXACTLY how much you've spent in buy-ins after a session of sitngos, am I right? Yeah, me neither and unfortunately, it's almost always more than one might think.

So, I've got 731 rows in my spreadsheet. My action has been split as follows:

Rakeback/Bonus Rows: 25 (Total Profit: USD 293.74)
- that's obviously a lot of money. Money that you'd be pretty stupid not to claim for yourself as a player. These days, it's so easy.

Cashgame Rows: 15 (Total Profit: USD 81.01, split across 1227 hands)
- this is actually a bit of everything. Boredom led me to play 4 tables of NL20 at one point, which went absolutely disastrous! Lost more buy-ins than I care to remember. There is however also a quick $1/$2 Pot Limit Omaha in there, in which I clawed back most of my NLHE losses. According to the spreadsheet, 178 hands and 300 bucks profit.

Double Stack STT Rows: 8 (Total Profit: USD 66.50)
- this seems silly now, but right when I started tracking myself I was getting into these sitngo's where they start you off with double stacks. It was on the ipoker network and basically the only kind of STT I wanted to play there. Felt I needed to differentiate between normal sitngo's and these.

Matrix STT Rows: 8 (Total Profit: USD 13.28)
- same as the above. You're probably familiar with the 'Matrix' STTs on FullTilt. If not, it's one sitngo, in which you play the same opponents but on 4 tables simultaneously. There are then prizes per table, but also for how you do overall. Mostly when I'm bored, I'll change things up a bit with one of these.

MTT Rows: 319 (Total Profit: USD 2,306.62)
- well, I've done quite well if I have to say so myself. I feel more than 300 tourneys is enough of a sample size to give an indication of ability/skill. I'm sure downswings can last for longer than 300, but still - I guess I must know a thing or two about poker. I'll break this one down even further later on.

$4, 180-person STT Rows: 22 (Total Profit: USD -11.84)
- same as before. Felt this was a very particular type of tournament. Always the same number of entrants, low buy-in on PokerStars with a pretty high level of skill. 22 is nothing to go by, but I kind of got tired of them and moved on. Eehh...

STT (sitngo) Rows: 334 (Total Profit: USD 688.85)
- This is pretty much anything else. Varying buy-in sizes, a lot of 2-table, 3-table & 45-person STT alongside the 'original' 9 or 10 player sitngos. Before adding these up, I was seriously unsure whether I'd get a positive or a negative figure in the end. Glas it wasn't the latter.

I'll break apart the MTT and STT rows a bit in my next blog. Feel like I have enough information in order to derive some conclusions. If not conclusive, at least some insight into which pokersite I should be favouring, what buy-in size has yielded the most success etc etc. I have an idea, but perhaps the figures will surprise.


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