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pokerpurity About 16 hours ago I was already mentally preparing a blog-entry. At the time, I still had several live tables up on my screen, but had just closed one after getting all my money in with AhKh against QQ on a 3h6h9d board – and losing. Only a slight edge, I realize that, but it was literally on the money bubble and the winner would have a top-5 stack. Moreover, I had been losing several 70/30s and a few other flips all day and was now fuming!

So, while still steaming, I was contemplating how I might be able to get away with writing a 20-page epic blog on bad beats, without sounding like a pathetic whiner. (Stop. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 400 dollars – simply not possible)

That’s when the damndest thing happened. I only had 3 other tables running and I was in no hand at the time, so I decided to close my eyes, take 3-4 deep breaths - and remind myself that losing my cool now, would be the worst thing I could do – and got stuck back in.

When the day came to an end, I had taken down a $33, 15K guaranteed tourney on Pokerstars, defeating 665 other players and winning $3.4K in the process! BOO-YAH!!!! You have no idea how psyched I was – and now, 16 hours later, STILL am. I wrote in one of my blogs not too long ago, that I felt a big 4-figure score was just around the corner for me and that perseverance – not panic – was the way to go.

So, here I am – my first four figure score under my belt and hopefully many more to come. I’ll be going through the hand history of this tournament win and will share interesting hands in this forum. Not that I think I did anything particularly different to normal, but hey – if there’s a winning formula in there, I might as well have a go at finding it!

Days left until Aussie Millions 2010: 197


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