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My one and only bad beat.

Theme: Hero to Zero

Button is to my left.
Cards fly.
Preflop UTG leads out with $100 bet
5 callers including me
Button Folds
SB Raises $500
BB Reraises $1,000
2 Fold
I flat call with pocket K’s
SB Calls

”Tiny” (a player that has been at the table for the past 3 days that stands about 7 feet tall tipping the scales at a solid 400 lbs, I nick named him Tiny and have pretty much everyone else calling him the same thing, including the Dealers) Calls the bet. He’s also going along in the spirit of having fun with his new nickname.

Flop comes KKA
I spontaneously squirt in my pants because I just flopped 4 kings and we know how I love quads. (self inflicted wound)
SB Bets $500
BB raises $1,000
Tiny Calls
I of course call. Let them build me a pot. I'll get all my chips in on the turn, no doubt.
Turn comes 6
SB bets $1500
BB Calls which surprised me.
Tiny checks out
I Raise all in with about $6500 more.
SB Calls which now has me baffled to no end, however this is the guy who just sat down an hour ago with 8 dimes for his buy in, so I don’t put him on the K’s (for obvious reasons) but perhaps the A/6 made him, but I figure he is just stupid. So, bring it on! I didn’t expect to get your chips, but go ahead and send them. I got quads

BB asks for a count on me. Catching me off guard at first however I try and play it out as to figure he’s playing a strong card, and possibly trying to get a read on me when I count off. I counted out the $6500 (and some change) and he, with a “matter of fact notion” calls. Now this seriously worries me. After I’ve figured out that SB is stupid and put him on the A/6, I’m thinking that BB must have an Ace at this point, and is betting into me with Aces full of Kings, which I would call as well and would be the right play. When have you ever seen A’s full of K’s get crushed? Or, (there in an OR in this scenario) he could be eating the other end of the stupid sandwich that SB is munching on.

We flip over, and SB flips first. BB and I are looking at each other and both semi waiting for SB to flip over. He does, and proudly announces “I got 2 pair with a kicker”
SB turns over Q/6 off. I’m stunned. He should have mucked his hand a long time ago.
BB and I turn over. I flip my K’s and say to BB “Good call, but you’re gonna have to beat 4 kings to take the pot down”
He says and I quote: “Sh!t!! S*** s***!!! I’m gonna need some help. I got Aces full”

Now, for what seemed like an hour, he and I are starring each other down like we are in the O.K. Coral getting ready to draw our pistols out. I of course have a smile on my face, while he says to the dealer, “Like I said, I’m gonna need some help”

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting,
Burn one
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting,

Like slow motion the card came off the top of the deck and slowly made its way down to the felt. I’m getting ready to launch out of my seat and celebrate this monster pot, won with flopped quads, the conversation I’m going to have with my wife about this hand, and about 900 other things that can go through your mind in a matter of 1.736455 seconds time.

River, BAM! Bullet!

I am in utter shock. Like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life before. Absolute shock.

I stand up, put my hands down on the rail and start looking at this huge pot, the board and my quads that were just beaten by quads.

But I digress- gong from 900 things rushing through my head in 1.736455 seconds, to now what seems like slow motion, I stare in amazement at the board for about 30 seconds.
I then realize something that could be FAR more valuable than the $30,000 pot I just lost.

I start jumping up and down as though I won a pot that was 10 times bigger “BAD BEAT!! BAD BEAT!!!! BAD BEAT"

This of course brings the Floor over along with about ½ the people that were in the poker room up to the rail of this upstairs section. All the while I’m yelling “Bad beat, bad beat” he is walking up to the table shaking his head in a “No, No, No” fashion, but not saying anything.

He comes over and looks at the board, the dealer explains to him that I had quad Kings beaten by quad Aces.
After the dust settles down, the Floor informs me that he is very, very, sorry in that there isn’t anything he can do for me for a bad beat.. and I quote: “The Bellagio doesn’t have a bad beat jackpot”

I know, shocker, at that point, I decided to call it a night and don't reload. That was my entire chip stack other than a wad of cash in my pocket. Walking back to the taxi stand, with my backpack on my shoulder collecting my thoughts, I came to this conclusion:

At the end of the night (now 6AM in the morning) I ended up loosing a hand. But in the loss of that hand, I gained 1,000,000 dollars of experience, and excitement, that of which I couldn’t have bought for twice the amount. And, I get to take it with me. And at the end of the day, Vegas will still be there. I’ll be back in that poker room, hell, probably in a few hours, after I get a drink and some sleep.

My chips are still there, they are just on the other side of the table for the time being.

That will change.

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