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No limit to be found, but they did have a great comp lunch deal

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
It's Monday, late morning and I head to the V to meet Alex & Steve. I’ll play any limit up to 8-16 at this point, but of course there’s no game going at the V. Steve & I are on an interest list that never goes more than five deep. Alex sits down for NL, and Steve & I are about to head for the Bellagio, but then what to my wondrous eyes should appear but some workers setting up a lunch buffet in the poker room. It’s a free lunch for poker players that V offers MWF 11a-1p and 5-7pm all through March? Today’s prime rib sandwiches. Steve & I aren’t even playing though, so I ask the floor if it’s okay for interest-listers to partake and he says go right ahead. Ship it. While we eat lunch, Alex wins $200-something at the 1-2, then joins us and we go to Bellagio for one last session before the airport.


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