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FTP $1k Final Table -- my biggest live score to date

shaundeeb Just got to the final table of tonight's FTP $1k. For a change, I'm going to write this report as I play. Wish me luck!

I had the CL going into 2 tables a really bad laggy player to my left hit vs me every pot for 4 straight pots to knock me down. I had to nit it up cuz I got 0 real hands after that. Anyways came to final table 9/9, and started to write this up with some interesting hands.

I had 40k at break with blinds going upto 2500/5000/600 folded 84o in SB after it got raised then had this really interesting hand. I think this is a great spot to sng.

Full Tilt (9 handed)

Preflop: Hero is SB with A, 6. Hero posts a blind of 2500.
6 folds, Button raises to 15000, Hero (poster) calls, 1 fold.

Flop: 5, Q, 2 (2 players)
Hero bets 18069 (All-In), Button folds.

Final Pot:

No showdown. Hero wins

I fold a few more hands someone else gets knocked out so 8 remaining. I shove KJs with 11bbs in the HJ and 2 hands later fold A10s with my 13bb stack.

A few more folds I shove 88 with 14bbs UTG+2 pretty standard.

Here was a really interesting spot I considered squeezing but changed my mind last second:

3k/6k, 750 ante... I'm in SB with A J

Seat 1: BLAKE39 (102,614)
Seat 2: RAZER2007 (89,464) BUTTON
Seat 3: tedsfishfry (89,469)
Seat 5: DEEEPANL (245,709)
Seat 6: reena97 (53,582)
Seat 7: allinsi (194,622)
Seat 8: U_2Good4_Me (235,540)

allinsi raises to 17,500
U_2Good4_Me calls 17,500
tedsfishfry folds

Folded to me OTB with 70k at 3/6k/750 I shoved KJo next hand with a bit over 82k I shoved A7o got folds both times

Fold an orbit shove OTB with KJs for 84k at same blind level.

Guy got knocked out in a blind battle 6 left gaurenteed 16.8k which means this is my largest online score to date.

Blinds went up to 4k/8k/1000, I shove AQo utg with 90k

Fold a few hands get 77 in the BB CO opens to 3x I shove for 12x bbs at same blind level he calls with AQs 1063J6 board.

UTG opens for 22k with 130k behind I shove with 44 he tanks and folds
next hand utg opens for 3x with 17x behind I fold55.

Button has been getting more active and he opens 3x otb with 21x stack I reshove with Q10s to gain the CL

Not getting much whole tabling shoving a lot with 10-15bbs I am CL with 21bbs I open 99 in CO everyone folds.

Lot's of folding for me still CL with 21bbs not getting much to open and I am not opening lite in these spots

umm lol been on such a high not from drugs last 15minutes forgot to do updates I 500k 3 handed 2nd has 300k other guy has 180k

On break again 434k to 318k and 257k got 40k locked up

I was asked on break whether or not I wanted to chop I said no thank you. I am going to win by coolering one of you, sucking out on the other because I'm running too good today to lose.

KK>1010 a little while later we both had sets/rivered boats too. Then after a grueling HU match I won with j10>KJo AIPF when I had a 4 to 1 CL and he had 9bbs.

Won almost 85k in the tourney that is bigger then my next 4 scores combined!!!


Anonymous says

This is great stuff. No idea you were going to win. When did this happen? I love it! Especially liked the fact that you didn't take a deal with the CL and 3 left. Congratulations. Your controlled aggression is nice to see and you make it clear in this blog that sometimes you are willing to gamble light while other times, depending on the situation you are willing to fold strong hands. Really good stuff here. Thanks for the great post.


Anonymous says

excellent post
oh and Shaun [censored] Deeb


Swami54 says

Nice score. Curious why you didn't make a deal? I'm assuming that you felt you were much better than them but the structure usually blows on FTP late.


A_Junglen says

Grat's on the big score, I no longer consider you a high-volume gimmick =)

Your friend,

(that "sucks at life" for not getting you weed when it was impossible)


shaundeeb says

I feel deals are usually -ev for me I usually have a larger edge then my chip stack and also ftp deals are veryyy shaky.


Anonymous says

Congratulations! It's stuff like this that keeps us all coming back - and it's great to see how control and focus can make all the difference.


Anonymous says

Excellent score! Congrats!


Anonymous says

Excellent. when? I was great the way you took your cards.. The self control is always good and knowing when to be strong and when not to be depending is awesome. Keep the posts coming.


lakong says

I was impressed until THAY3R told me he had 3 bigger online scores. Just one is no big deal. Seriously, congrats. Great going. We're proud of you!!!

- S


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