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Interesting Hand..want feedback

So im playing in the turbo takedown and this hand takes place

Blinds : 50/100
Me: 3115
Villian: 2675

Folds to me on button with 2 2

I raise it up to 200, villian in SB then reraises to 800, BB folds and I call.

Flop comes 5 6 5 . Obviously a perfect flop for me, then villian pushes all in for his remaining 1875. Obviously I put him on A J through A K, as his image isnt raisig that much with a pocket pair and I like my chances so I call.

Turn : 7

River: Q

Virtually knocking me out of the tournament, leaving me with 440.

After the hand I get into an argument with a player not in the hand, callig me a donk and how could I make that call...of course I say in the long run even thought I lose, thats a decent call becasue Ill win majority of hands given what I knew of my opponent. Of course buddy claims Im terrible and says that its a bad play, but only because I lost. If I call and win of course its a good play to him..

Now just what I wanted to know was given what I knew in that its virtually impossible for him to have a pocket pair and im 99% sure he has a hand such as he had, would you have made this call...or in fact is this a bad call and Im just an idiot.

First win in a while.

Yes I finally won one, even thought it was only the 15 fpp sattelite to the million dollar turbo takedown. None the less it felt fucking amazing to stomp the shit outta 199 donks and play them like puppets. So come sunday Ill be playing that tournament, hoping that by some chance I final table that tournament, which would be my best finish by a looooooooong shot. Since I aiint got no pimpin skills or a ballin life like other users on here, thats all your getting out of me until something of interest happens, until then I sleep.

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