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If a duck takes a dump on you before you leave home, is that luck?

TI (aka Treasure Island)
Day1, 9/21:

Decided to cab it to the airport due to the length of the trip and of course I had to leave at the height of rush hour! So I wait, and wait and wait some more, almost to the point of giving up and driving the truck. While waiting, I'm pacing the driveway and as I watch some ducks take off from the pond and fly overhead, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Low and behold, it's a portent of things to quickly come. White bombs drop with the ferocity of YappyDaves' raises and I'm off to find a new shirt and a splash of smell-good juice! Cab finally shows and we're off on an uneventful trip.

After a score at Starbucks, I make my way to the news stand to peruse some light reading fare for the plane. Small isles make it cramped so I don't really take notice of a older gentleman breaking off from his wife, scanning the same books I am. No time at all passes before he rejoins her and I soon learn why. More bombs have been dropped but this time they don't emanate from the sky, nor are they seen...but they DAMN SURE are noticed! Thanks a TON you smelly farker!!!

Thankfully I had one of the most serene flights I've taken in a LONG time, and I practically travel for a living. No one in the middle seat, got to see a movie I've been meaning to catch anyway (although the ending SUCKED) and I got to catch up on some work, all without suffering intolerable small talk and wailing children. My name was on the Hertz Gold board and before I knew it, I was heading off to the corporate apartment I'll be crashing at for the next few days.

The apartment is on the north-west end of town, not so great surroundings but who cares? It's free and comfortable, with everything I need between rounds of cards. On the way there, while traveling north on Decatur, I pass the oft mentioned, hard-to-miss, Pops Philly Steaks! I make a mental note and after dropping my things off, checking email and returning a few call, I'm off for some grub! I must say, that was one DAMN FINE sandwich and they're open 24 hours! Parking is rough as it's busy, noon straight up...but it was well worth it! I'm sure I didn't order correctly but they didn't seem to mind. The weather was overcast but comfortable, so I ate outside instead of taking it with, people watching in Vegas, can ya beat it?! I say no.

Now what to do wit (hey Pops) myself? I quickly scan AVP and note that Yapster is poised to take down yet another TI tourney, so I decide to hoof it on down. I get there just in time to see him chop it up with a dealer, nice deal Dave! It's quickly approaching 2pm so I decide to jump into the next tourney. Note to self, DO NOT PLAY WHEN TIRED!!! I've haven't been sleeping well all week and was already dragging arse when I landed. I knew better, but if you're gonna play when tired how can you beat a well run, $65 tourney where the staff recognizes you after months of absence?! I signed up, collected my receipt and introduced myself to Mrs Lederer, who was sitting on a nice stack in $2/4 limit game.

Dave's right about this game! Anyone with a good arsenal and observation skills can really do well. I was amazed at the play...dumbfounded may be a better word. Of course there are good players too, but it's an overwhelming, donkalicious fun fest. Pre-flop raises of 8xbb and more often than not, a couple of callers, great googly moogly!!! I'll revise the post later to include my hands, but I busted just as we came back from the 1st break. I was happy with my play, and would've been a contender had a board not gone runner-runner for a split pot.

Tired as I am, and as long as this trip is, poker shouldn't be in the cards tonite, pun intended. So I decided to catch the George Carlin show tonite at the Orleans....sprung for good seats, 2nd row, just off center. I plan on playing the Venetian deepstack tomorrow and may just head over to TI in the am to check out the mix-game and say hello to LVM, Yappy and Mrs Lederer.

How can you NOT LOVE this town?!?!?!


EdmondDantes says

Nice to see you back, Stray. I like the TI tournament and the Venetian. Anxious to hear part II.


lakong says

Great post. Very entertaining. Good luck today/tomorrow. Looking forward to reading about it.


Anonymous says

Thanks y'all. It's been a busy week and will be copying over the dailys asap, thanks for reading!


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