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Oct. Goals

xxrod17xx So for this blog I decided to post all my goals both poker related and for many other things too. I think its pretty clear that my September was not what I wanted it to be. I thought I was playing some of the best poker that I have played ever and I was running really well, but I played less than 1k hands. I had a lot going on with moving to A.C. and being really tired after dealer's school at night. I have also been a bit lazy lately also, probably because I haven't worked out in a few weeks. I worked out 4-5 days a week over the summer and I was feeling great and had a ton of energy. Since I live in a barren wasteland (in regards to businesses), not only can I not afford to go to a gym but the closest one that I know of is 30 minutes away. I need to come up with some sort of program that I can do at home as well as get some running in during the morning hours.

As for poker goals, I would like to play 5k hands in October. I think this is a very attainable goal as well as a goal that is not going to force me to play too many tables or play when I don't want to play. I think if I play an hour or two each night I will do just fine as far as this goal goes. I was playing too well to give up a solid win-rate by not playing enough hands. I also want to study for around 2x the amount of time I play each day. So lets say I average about 1 1/2 hours each day of poker. I would like to at least read/post/read and reply to posts for around 3 hours per day. I think this really gets your poker mind flowing and it enables to make a lot of decisions at the poker table second nature leaving you some brain power to work things out instead of having to focus on making sure you are doing the basics correctly. This sort of goes along with my second goal, but I want to post at least two hands from each session played and reply to at least 5 posts per day (strategy) on 2+2.

For life, these are much tougher. Every second that I am not doing more important things I need to be practicing my dealing techniques. Throughout the first week of class I noticed that I am pretty good at the pitch and stuff, but it is still taking a lot of my energy to make sure I do everything correctly which is taking away from me knowing the size of the pot (how much to rake and when) as well as making a bunch of stupid mistakes because I have too much going on for me. Basically, I feel that making sure my pitch is super good is the most important. Once I get that down I think things will start to smooth out. After that knowing all the steps of a Stud hand (for a dealer) and making those steps second nature will make counting the pot, seeing who has the strongest hand, making side pots, taking the rake, calling out the action 100000x easier. I have a table, chips, and cards so there is no excuse to not be the best poker dealer to walk through that school as I have many hours out of everyday to work on my skills. Obviously the next goal is to get a job. I can't afford to live here for too much longer without one. I get the impression that we will get an audition upon graduation from school so if I kill it who knows I might be doing well quicker than I thought. Besides all that, restrict my spending. Since I can't go to the gym eating healthy is not a concern of mine right now eating cheap is. I just need enough energy to get through reading a book, dealing out a few cards and clicking a mouse all day so I don't need huge expensive meals to get by. I took a gamble coming down here and I need to only spend when I NEED to for right now. If I get a cash dealing job sometime soon things will obviously be different. I can pick up that flat screen T.V. and the Xbox360 I so badly want. I can dip into my wants if that happens, but for now I can only afford my needs.

I have one goal that I know is not going to be reached this month, but once I get a solid job I have to save. The real reason I am down here is to save up some cash to help pay to get my teachers certification. I want to be a gym teacher and I felt coming down here and hopefully making some good money combined with low rent will help me attain this goal much easier than I would have at home.

I think all of these goals are very reasonable and attainable with a little hard work and dedication and for some of them some really good luck. I think I have been fortunate in my life so far, but I have been through a lot of bumps in the road. This is by far the biggest bump, but I think I am mentally tough enough to get myself through October for sure. If I don't do well in my audition I will try try again. I signed a year long lease down here so I have plenty of time to keep trying to earn myself a job and some money as well. For the rest of you, I hope all your goals are reached in Oct and good luck.


Anonymous says

You accomplished the most important goal. You set your goals! They are all realistic and clearly thought out. Congratulations. Please keep us informed as meet and exceed each goal. We're rooting for you and looking forward to following your progress. Good luck.


foxypham says

Good luck and let us know where you end up getting a job at!


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