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Default LAPC Recap -- a few interesting hands

I ended up playing 4 NL tournaments -- two full table normal tournaments, one shootout and one short-handed. I didn't go very deep in any of them. I think I played fairly solid, but ran really bad. Two ended with big suckouts against me and two
were tough situations that I'm not sure I could get away from. The good news is that I won two sats -- one for a $1k score and the other for a $2k score so I was a bit up in total. Here are a few hands that I would like some feedback on.

Hand 1: I'm a few hours into a $550 NL tournament. I find myself with 15 BB and am in the CO. David Phan is to my left with a huge stack and the SB/BB also have big stacks. It's folded to me. I have two red Tens. Do I push or raise? Not a huge ...

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