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Default OK , just one BB story before bed.

Hollywood Park Casino $25 rebuy. It happened today, I'm not sure what day this is because I play poker for a living. Five limpers in the pot (as usual) and the blinds are 25/50.

Hero raise to $450 on the button with KK
Folds around to big dude who looks like BB King on co
flop 574 rainbow
BB King bets $400
Hero raises to $1000
BB King pushes for $800
Hero calls
BB King shows 57o

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! :?
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Default yes,true

now,IMO, KK with that flop isn't that great.If BB king was the one to bet it out,seems funny but,I bet sets to my over raisers."hero over raised".Hero is a badplayer,or just don't give a **** about $$$.
When your the one sittin' back reading this story.you already know that outcome,but when in the "hotseat" you better be thinkin'...my 1st thought with flop BB hit a set.2P which is most unlikly....YES,YES....is a badbeat..once the flop fell,then again to any bet that BB makes,should only be CALLED anyway....deffinitly NOT RAISED....he should have fukin folded..whatever..you have smell ****,(not always)If heros is a good(strong nosed) card player.he would have known BB called 450,and when he bet out,and wanted a call.and thats why BB..this folds for you...you lucky fuker.
I Always thought a BAD BEAT was after you got their chips in.If a King comes out after the chips are in or the boards pairs. BB Takes he BAD BEAT.

Another thing Hero is a fukin' idiot anyway. take your KK and go allin... IT"S A REBUY!!!
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And yeah, sometimes I try to take the gun from the monkey too.
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