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lakong 03-04-2009 02:06 PM

LAPC Recap -- a few interesting hands
I ended up playing 4 NL tournaments -- two full table normal tournaments, one shootout and one short-handed. I didn't go very deep in any of them. I think I played fairly solid, but ran really bad. Two ended with big suckouts against me and two
were tough situations that I'm not sure I could get away from. The good news is that I won two sats -- one for a $1k score and the other for a $2k score so I was a bit up in total. Here are a few hands that I would like some feedback on.

Hand 1: I'm a few hours into a $550 NL tournament. I find myself with 15 BB and am in the CO. David Phan is to my left with a huge stack and the SB/BB also have big stacks. It's folded to me. I have two red Tens. Do I push or raise? Not a huge ...

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Johnny_Lazer 03-05-2009 11:45 AM

For what its worth:

Hand 1 - I think a push looks alot weaker than the raise .. I want action with Ts and 15BB here so I push here most of the time unless I have a specific read that would dictate otherwise.

Hand 2 - TUFF!!! I think you are either way ahead or way behind .. I would try to keep the pot smallish here and just call and re-evaluate on the River .. with the intention of folding to alot of river action ... I would be pretty confident I had the best hand though as I have a hard time putting him on AK or QQ with just an open Miniraise... Is 89s in the range there?

Hand 3 - I don't think you can lay down that hand there ...

brad2002tj 03-06-2009 12:00 PM

1. Raise/call.
2. Don't know stack sizes but going broke with your set is standard.
3. Snap call, no ICM concerns in a winner take all scenario, screw the chop.

DeuceSeven 03-06-2009 01:48 PM

Hand 1: raise/call or lately I've just been pushing.
Hand 2: If villain hasn't minraised before I'd call. I guess postflop it really depends on villain I'd like to have a read before I figure out a stategy. If by the turn you think his line is qq, or ak you can call and stack off if you fill up. If you think he could have something like aa or kk but is scared of the board you can call the turn and stack off on most blank rivers.
Hand 3: I don't ever count on chops and snap call.

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