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Default Working/a quick badugi analysis

Despite spending a couple of days stuck in airports (did you know Houston could have blizzards? Yeah, neither did I. Too bad that was a filthy lie and the entire airport shut down for six hours because of a whopping 1 inch of snow), I did wind up
making it to the meeting I wrote about last time. I can't really write much about it because the stuff that I think is fair to make public is also pretty boring, but here's the bottom line: there's a very good chance California gets legalized online
poker within the next year. The state has huge budget deficits, needs money from any available source, and there's a good drive to get a bill going this year, so the end result is that there will be a push made to get an intrastate bill through the ...

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What do you think is the time frame for legalizing online poker in California?

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