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Default Around the World in 150 Days, Day 55, Bad Ratio

June 4th, Las Vegas: I wake up at 10:45am in the Vegas house. I take a shower, get dressed, and go downstairs for breakfast. Again I am the first one up, though Joel and Stevo soon find their way into the living room with me. Eventually we take the
drive into the Rio, and I rush over to the registration booth so I can get in before the tournament starts.

I find my way over to my table in the Amazon room. I do not recognize anyone on my table. We start the $2000 no limit hold’em tournament with 6000 chips and 25/50 blinds. The first couple orbits go by quietly and I lose a small amount of chips in ...

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Dude you sound like a real douche bag. Seriously bro..move here to Los Angeles Sunset area and you will fit right in. Cheesy ass dude.

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