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Default Live at the Bike: Bluff Gone Bad

Ali limps from UTG with AK and Ed limps from UTG+1 with JQ. Joe in the SB decides to raise with the trash hand of 3K. Both limpers call which is a bit odd since we expected Ali to check-raise with his premium hand.

The flop comes AQ2 giving Ali TPTK and Joe second pair. Joe checks which the announcers feel is odd. The thinking is, if he’s going to bluff preflop, why not fire at this flop and represent the A?

Ali makes it 400 to go which is a bit more than a pot sized bet. Joe folds out of turn and Ed makes the call even though he only has another 200 behind. The pot is now up to about $1100 and the turn comes 8 bringing a potential flush.

Ali checks and Joe immediately goes all-in, evidently to represent the flush, but he only has $200 left so it’s clearly not going to scare Ali off of any hand.

Click on the link below to watch the video of the hand:

LATB Video

or discuss the hand by replying to this thread.
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