Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel

Texas in Vegas!

by juliep on 02/16/2007. juliep has played this room less than 5 times.

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Overall Impressions
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I like the idea of getting off the strip, away from all the hustle and playing in a clean, old fashioned room, with all the amenities. Mostly a local crowd, but it makes for a comfortable game, like playing at one of your buddy's homes on a Wednesday night. This relaxes me when I am here on business, which is my usual reason for coming to Vegas, and need some down time. I have recommended this room to many of my friends, and they feel the same way.
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Firstly, modern it is is not, but it is a roomy place, with great tables, fitted out with the latest gizmos and nice felt. Chairs are just OK, not the most comfortable. I just like the old fashioned decoration, not the modern glitz of most strip rooms. Might not be everyone's cup of tea.
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Terrific dealers, and I have been here a few times. Quick, efficient and friendly.
Food and Drink
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I am not the person to judge drink service, because I just want light refreshments, but the waitresses seemed competent and reasonably fast with their service. Also I do not eat when playing, but there are good restaurants here at the hotel.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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There is an electronic player list near the entrance which helps to keep everything organized. No problems with this good management team, what to expect from a Stations casino. The up to date equipment makes their job easier, but I would bet that this crew is up to the task of handling any problems.
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I do not pay much attention to comps, as I don't come back often enough to use them.