Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Never again!

by juliep on 03/28/2007. juliep has played this room first time.

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Overall Impressions
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Not much of a "room", just a roped off area of the casino floor. Something about this room does not feel right. Would not go back! I did not like the clientele, the ambience, etc. Plenty of great rooms in town & no need to play here.
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Some tables have auto shufflers & some did not. Mine did. The table had a vinyl cover, not felt. As pointed out above, there is no ambience to this little area, near a bar.
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The dealers were just OK, no complaints. The dealers at my table, & I did play for about 2 hours, did not have much personality, or smarts, but did not make mistakes & kept things going.
Food and Drink
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The proximity to bar kept the drinks flowing, & waitresses were friendly and efficient, so one good feature for the drinkers. That is not a good reason to come to a poker room.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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There was not much play when I was here, so no problem getting a table. The management were pleasant enough, but they did not seem to have much to do, so we don't know how they would act in a busy situation
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They give $1.25 per hour for the first 4 hours, and then $1.00 per hour for the next four hours.