El Dorado Casino - Shreveport

Hollywood (Eldorado) Poker Room Review

by Mr_Taterhead on 04/25/2007. Mr_Taterhead has played this room approximately 20 times.

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This casino is about an hour and a half drive from my house and I have made many trips to the then Hollywood Casino for some live action poker. This was the first poker room that I ever played in. I chose to play at the Hollywood Casinos’ poker room, because it was the only casino near me that had a poker room before the “Moneymaker Effect” came about. I have not been to play poker in this poker room since the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City opened a poker room. I am a ‘Shoe guy
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The newly renovated poker room had 10+ poker tables and spread many different types of games. I saw $1-$5 7-Stud, $4-$8 Limit, $10-$20 Limit, $20-$40 Limit, $1-$2 NL and $2-$5 NL. The larger limit games would always be running on the weekend and the smaller games were very soft. I never tested the waters in the $20-$40 game, but I played the $10-$20 game a couple of times and I was a winner in the game, but I was focused more on limit poker then than I am now.
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The dealers and poker room mangers are competent and they keep the games full and going fast. I am not certain, but I think that they have installed automatic shufflers in the tables, which is always a plus
Food and Drink
They had a foutain drink machine in the room, so you if you wanted to get up and get your own fountain drinks you could.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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A couple of years ago the Hollywood Casino in Shreveport, LA was the only place in north Louisiana that had a legal poker game and boy was it rocking!!! The poker room was drawing people from all over, but mostly people from Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. There were times when you would have to wait for 2-3 hours for a seat in a game, this was before they allowed you to call in to the poker room and put your name on the waiting list. Once they started doing the call in waiting list everything went a lot smoother in my opinion.
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The poker room does offer a poker room rate of $69 during the week (Monday-Thursday), but I have never stayed there. I am pretty certain that they comp you $1/Hr you play for food, so you can play a good 8 hrs and at least you getting something free to eat