El Dorado Casino - Shreveport

What a dinosaur

by Landlord79 on 06/04/2007. Landlord79 has played this room first time.

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If you're gonna be in Shreveport/Bossier City, cross the river to the Horseshoe.
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There were 15 tables in total. The tables did have betting lines and leather felts which I liked. The leather was "dirty" so the cards stuck to the table, but it looked nice, though impractical. The betting lines did make for simplifying the game, and I'm sure that I would get used to them in time. The tables were at a definite lack for automatic shufflers. I never realized how much this would matter to me, but it is a definite plus to any card room to have them. There was nothing special about the chairs, they were plain plain plain. There were only 3 flat screens in the poker room and none in any great locations. The pads were not very thick and the cupholders were metal devices that slipped under the pads. The thing that I liked least about the room was that it was so close to the slot machines that it was too loud and the smoking section was much too close.
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Once we got someone to seat us I only noticed one thing that I didn't like about the dealing and it was only one dealer, so I am not sure if it is an El Dorado thing or if the dealer just didn't know what she was doing. At one point there were 2 forced Big Blinds and a forced small blind before the flop. Other than this, the staff seemed knowledgable and courteous.
Food and Drink
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The waitresses were around to take drink orders, but we didn't look into the availability of food.
Wait Time/Overall Service
The waiting list/ manager's booth was only partially manned as there was a $200 tourney going on. The list itself was on a clipboard and written by hand. We were seated pretty quickly at our $1/2NL table as there were plenty of empty seats available. The tables were spaced out very well and the room itself was quite large.

If you want to call ahead to get your name on the list, the number is (318) 220-5274.
There was a poker player hotel room rate posted on the wall. It's $65 per night Sunday through Thursday. A player and a dealer conversed about their bad beat jackpot, but I didn't notice anything about it posted anywhere. I believe that they said it was if Aces full of Tens or better.