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by lakong on 11/08/2006. lakong has played this room approximately 20 times.

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First rate room. While not as big as some of its LA counterparts such as the Bike and Commerce it is bigger than any room I've played at outside of Los Angeles. It reminds me of a big version of the Bellagio poker room. Which should be surprising since Larry Flynt regularly hosts many of the same high stakes players who play in the 'big game' at the Bellagio including Phil Ivey and Barry Greenstein.

I especially like the weekly tournaments here. They have them in a nice private room near the back. The tournaments are well run and very classy. At many casinos the tournaments are held in cheesey banquet-type rooms with temporary tables and folding chairs. Not here. The tournament room, tables and chairs are very nice and there are flat screen TV's in plain view of most tables.
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Very big, great tables and chairs, dealing machines for all cash games. The area isn't particularly nice, but it's only a minute from the 110 highway, so it's pretty safe. Also, the security seems fine so there is nothing to be concerned with. Actually all of the LA casinsos are in 'so-so' areas, but it's never been an issue given their proximity to the freeways and the security they offer.
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Very friendly staff. Especially the tournament staff.
Food and Drink
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Great food and service. The menu is extensive and they serve at the tables -- even during touranaments.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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Not much wait for the NL games I play. I did want to try the Omaha H/L a few times, but they only run one game when I've been there and the wait time was pretty long.
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Seems to be good. I'm not a member but most players have cards.


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