Ocean's 11 Casino

Great first impression

by EdmondDantes on 07/20/2007. EdmondDantes has played this room first time.

Average rating (1-5 chips; 5=best): 
Overall Impressions
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Nice room, plenty of action, friendly and efficient staff and GREAT food. I could play this room every day.
Category rating: 
Tables and chairs were nicely spaced out. Chairs are fixed leg but plenty comfortable.
Category rating: 
No complaints. Asked me my name when I first sat down and called me by name throughout the session.
Food and Drink
Category rating: 
Food and beverage service are exceptional. I had a turkey club that was comparable to one I'd expect in a Four Seasons or comparable level hotel restaurant...for $3. Another player had a fruit plate that looked fantastic. Staff was friendly and responsive.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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Sign-up was easy. I was seated within 15 minutes. You can hear your name easily throughout the poker rooms.
Category rating: 
Free food at 20/40 limit and 5/5 NL+. Did I mention the food is great? I'd played here just for the food. Seriously.


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