Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Tough Games, Fancy Surroundings

by bettheline on 11/20/2006. bettheline has played this room approximately 10 times.

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I'm not sure why I even bother playing here. The games are among the toughest around. I played mostly $5/10 NL here and didn't do well at all. There were some really strong players and they show lots of aggression. I'm usually one of the more aggressive players at the table, but not here.

The room is pretty large and very nice and I saw about a half dozen professionals which was pretty cool. There was actually a guy who played at my table who I recognized from a WPT broadcast from Foxwoods. I think his name was Ron Rose. I like this place a lot and would recommend it. Probably the most famous place to play in Vegas.
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The room is very fancy, with antique looking decor. The room is very cramped though. They put too many tables in there and it can be tough to move around at times. Overall, very high quality.
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No complaints about the dealers. All were professional. We had this one dealer who I swear looked like Mike the Mouth. He wasn't but he was a dead ringer for Mike.
Food and Drink
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The waitresses were very hot and they had all of the top shelf drinks. I didn't have to wait long. I highly recommend the Orange Julious.
Wait Time/Overall Service
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They didn't have the lists up on a screen which was surprising. I suppose it was organized but I didn't wait about 45 minutes for a table to open up. I didn't find the managers to be particularly friendly or unfriendly. They were there and did there job.
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The first time I played I just introduced myself to the poker manager and told them that I was staying in the hotel and wanted the poker rate. She gave it to me without checking on hours of play or anything else. Since that first time they have my name in their files and I just calle and always get the poker rate.


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