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Biggest and the best!

by EdmondDantes on 09/03/2007. EdmondDantes has played this room more than 20 times.

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Any poker player on the planet needs to play the Commerce at least once in their lives. There are tons of tables and great action 24/7. The restaurants and other amenities aren't quite at the level of those you'll find at the big Las Vegas casinos, but as for poker action, this is the place. The Commerce is the center of the poker universe whether Vegas wants to admit it or not!
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Of the big LA casinos (Bike, Hollywood Park, Hawaiian Gardens) Commerce is the nicest and has invested the most in its facility. Everything is first-rate upon purchase and then maintained and cleaned constantly. As for space, there's plenty of room in each of the poker rooms (high stakes, main room, low stakes room on the 2nd floor). It can get crowded on weekends but there's enough space that it's manageable. The tables and chairs are kept in excellent condition; auto-shufflers and comfortable (albeit fixed leg) chairs throughout. Commerce hasn't gone with an automated wait-list yet, but the staff does a good job with the manual sign up boards.
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Dealers are as good as you'll find anywhere. They're not as personable as some of the smaller rooms where dealers can know all the regulars by name, but everyone's efficient and professional. Commerce maintains a ton of floor staff although it's not always obvious who's on shift or not. If you have a question or problem, there's always someone within earshot and they've seen it all so they can resolve ANY issue quickly.
Food and Drink
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Food and drink available tableside and the service is very responsive. The food's a little better at the Bike or Ocean's 11, but did you come here to eat or play poker?
Wait Time/Overall Service
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Wait-lists are managed by hand. Brush personnel can be a little harried when it gets crowded but they do a good job of getting players seated quickly given the number of players. If you're looking for something special (seating with a friend or in a particular game), the staff will try to accommodate.
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There are bad beat jackpots. Not sure about the comp program.


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