Normandie Casino

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by lakong on 11/21/2006. lakong has played this room approximately 10 times.

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I really like this room. It's pretty close to my house and one of the first places I every played poker. In fact, I remember playing in a $2/4 limit game about 10 years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles from New York. Had only played poker in a casino one other time in Vegas, and I rarely played Hold'em. Hadn't read any books at that point and didn't know much about the game. I was lost, and did lose. But I had a good time and felt very comfortable in the room.
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Nothing fancy, but it's very clean and safe. I played in a charity tournament about two months ago and they seem to be making a big effort to modernize the room. They are also spreading a lot more no limit games and featuring lots of weekly tournaments.
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Very friendly dealers. They seemed to really appreciate getting tips.
Food and Drink
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Great service, good food.
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Very little wait and it moves quickly.
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Lots of jackpots, good comp program.